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Hi there.... I noticed your ad on the marriage agency location and wanted to write to introduce myself.

for Her

Hi there.... I noticed your ad on the marriage agency location and wanted to write to introduce myself. I am in search of a very attractive lady, such as yourself, am marriage minded and wish a lady younger than myself for the purpose of beginning a family. I would like to find someone who preferably speaks English at least enough for us to be able to communicate well without the aid of a translator, has a telephone so that we can talk in addition to our emails and hopefully has a direct email location for us to be able to correspond outside of the dating site. I know from transferring emails back and forth with the dating agency, that your English is good but that you wish to learn the language better, so I am writing this letter in English for you. English is very important for both of us, if we are entertaining a serious relationship. Not only for the ability to understand each other when I am able to come to visit and when we speak on the phone, but for the interview that we will have to attend when processing paperwork for your travels to the United States. I am very serious in my search and must be sure that you too are as serious as I am and that you are equally as interested in me as I will become with you.
I will just let you know that if you are truly seeking a serious relationship with one special guy who will treat you the way you feel that you should be treated....care for you...and not play games or be unfaithful, then I may be worth taking a look at as far as the person that I am and the seriousness that I take in my search for who will hopefully become my lifetime partner for the future. I hope that you do not discard the possibility of being involved with me because of the age difference, as it can be a positive aspect to the relationship instead of a negative. Case in point is that with age bring many different factors such as maturity, business accomplishments and the contentment of only one women in our lives instead of feeling that we have to play the field and date many. Plus my desire is to be involved with someone who can provide a child to the relationship since I have never been able to experience parenthood. So hopefully you will be willing to get to know me for me...instead of feeling like you might be dating your father. I do not have a problem with the age difference...in fact I welcome it as I am young at heart and wish a lady in my life to keep me that way. But I want this to be a lifetime commitment that will not end when I am 60 and you are younger, so I must ask for you to please think this through before wasting either your time or mind. I also expect that the partner that I choose have some maturity to her so that it is not like raising a daughter...but instead having a very wonderful wife. I realize that sometimes this can be a balancing act, but I feel that the women from your area of the world have had to emotionally mature at an early age due to the problems with daily life that people in your country have had to endure for many years. This is one of the primary reasons that I am seeking a mate from your area...I feel that they are much more dedicated than the Western counterparts, especially when factoring in the age difference that exists between us. I do not wish to correspond or
invest my time or money with several ladies trying to pick the best. I only wish to spend this commitment with one...you if you are serious. But I also have to ask that you too show me the same commitment and not be playing the field for the best candidate that comes along....which may be a bit younger than myself. So let me know if you are serious about this and we can take it one step at a time and make that dedication toward each other so that we can move toward our feelings with our hearts.
Now as far as what I like to do: I have many varied interests such as music which is mostly contemporary jazz as well as contemporary light rock and even some country, but absolutely NO RAP; movies (action, suspense, drama, comedy and everything but sci?fi or really unrealistic storylines); bowling, billiards/pool, comedy clubs and concerts, racquetball, swimming, snow skiing, traveling, fast cars, boating, cooking and other interesting pastimes. enjoy quiet evenings just snuggled back with the one I love, doing just about anything. Some of my favorite musicians are Boney James, Anita Baker, The Rippingtons, Dave Koz Warren Hill, Richard Elliott, Hiroshima, Eric Clapton, Richard Marx, Sarah McLaughlan, Natalie Merchant, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Phil Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bonnie Raitt Matchbox 20 & Bryan Adams, etc. etc. I realize that some of these you may not be aware of, but if you send me your mailing address I will make some music CD's and send them to you to demonstrate my varied taste in music. Do you have a cd player? Also do you have a telephone at your residence?
I work within the corporate transportation business as an executive chauffeur and security consultant to high-level executives, and people within the entertainment communities (actors, actresses, musicians and television personalities). My background is mainly in corporate security consulting and executive protection to such clients and I have recently been able to open my own firm within the Baltimore MD / Washington DC area. If you can gain access to a computer to can view my company web site at: http://www.csitiansportationservices.com and click on the client reference section to see some of the clients. I work a lot and only have time for one lady in my life so my search is for someone very serious and dedicated to a relationship. I feel that she must be goal oriented as well as wish a family and be willing to work with me together in order to build a financially secure future for our family. I want my wife to be to be able to work closely with the clients that we have so that I can attend to other matters instead of being the one to do everything, which is the way it is right now because the business is new and small ... just me for the most part. I will not mislead or lie to you. I am not a rich man. I just work for a living at the present time, but I do have the ability to achieve financial freedom within the next several years through my hard efforts. The lady I seek must be willing to accept that these things do not happen overnight and will require a lot of dedication and hard work, and in the end it will pay off for the both of us. I have a desire to have someone with above average looks in the physical and sexy form and who has a great heart inside of that beautiful body. I feel that you have that from your info contained within Elena’s agency, and you are willing to learn my language for us to be able to strengthen our relationship, which is a must. The US immigration looks at that very closely for your status in the US. I want someone who has a humorous side to them as well as a mature serious side
... one who places the value of our relationship at the very top of her list, as I will always do for her.
As far as family, there is none. I was an only child and my relatives have been gone for some time now. About your family .... how do they feel about you seeking someone out from the internet as far as a husband ... how are their feelings about the possibility of you moving to the United States and only being able to visit them .... and most importantly how do they feel about you getting involved with someone who is a few years older then you are. I would imagine that I am about the same age as your father, if not a bit younger. Let me know these things ok? I have been divorced for 1 1/2 years now after a 12 year relationship and I miss having someone in my life. I am most comfortable with just one lady in my life that I can count on for my emotional, physical and sexual support. How about you and any past relationships? What was the situation there?
I want to be in love one more time .... but I want it to be for the rest of my life with one lady. I do not wish anything to happen to the relationship that would cause it to end, so this is why my search is very focused and important to me. I am a nice guy who will keep you content and happy knowing that you are always loved. But I have to feel that in return. If it is there, then I wish to be able to try to visit maybe in August for a couple of weeks, so that we can strengthen our relationship. If we both feel it is right, then I am prepared to make a total commitment at that time and for us to be married prior to me leaving your county. This way the paperwork can begin and you can travel here to be with me and for us to begin our lives together and forever. So this is a serious step that I ask you to consider before deciding anything. Then over the next few months we will be able to know if it is right.
Anyway I am going to end this one now so I can get it sent to you and I will attach several more photos for you and hope that you also reply with many of yourself for me. I do hope that you contact me in return and we can begin a dialog of communication that will justify us meeting in the near future to see if we might be compatible with each other. I seek a long term relationship/marriage and do not wish to spend a great deal of down time in the search process, so if we feel that we are right for each other, I would be willing to make a commitment in a relatively short period of time.
I would like to request that you forward to me any personal contact information, as I wish to have your residence address so that I can also send to you some photos and information about the area that I live in through the mail as well as the email. I also am providing you with my mailing address and telephone numbers as I do wish for you to send me many many photos of yourself through the mail so that I can have them to frame, in addition to the ones you email to me through the agency. My information is as follows:
Anthony David DiMa.
Baltimore, MD
Please when you write to me tell me everything about you....your likes, dislikes, music preference, what you like to enjoy in your spare time and everything else that you would like for me to know about you ok? I will also do the same in my next letter to you. I only hope that you are for real and that you seek the same qualities that I seek in a mate. I do find you very attractive and feel that the sexual aspect of our relationship would be great....but my desire goes far beyond the sex.....I want the person's heart and for us to be emotionally right for each other. I miss that in my life. So for now I will close this so that it can be sent to you and will fill you in on all of my affairs in the next letter. Till then stay sweet, healthy and look to the day that we both can be happy ok? I really hope to hear back from you very soon.
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Hello David!
The weather in Kherson is very warm.
I am glad you understand there can't be a head in a family. All members must be equal. Everybody wants to feel loved, cared for, needed.
I've got too much work now, so I've got to leave now. I will write to you a bit later. I am sorry but I do work hard now.
Respectfully, Vika

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 08:46 Reply
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