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Hello, and greetings from Michigan, in the U.S., I have been in corrispondence with several russian ladies there

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Hello, and greetings from Michigan, in the U.S., I have been in corrispondence with several russian ladies there, and plan on comeing to Voronezh, sometime in the spring, to meet with the sexy ladies, however i must say you caught my eye, and i felt like i would be shortchanging myself if i did not respond to you, because one never knows, where the love of my life could be. So, i wanted to introduce myself, and let you decide, by your response, if you might be interested. My name is James, but my friends call me Jim, i like either one so wichever you prefer is fine. I am a young 45, and am very active in sports, excercising, working out, etc. I neither drink nor smoke, and lead a very healthy life, I have never been married nor do i have any children, but, i would like to have a child or two, and hope you want the same. I am an electrician, for a large union firm, in Detroit, and like my job very much. I have my own home, in a smaller city outside Detroit, and have a 4 year old Lab, that lives with me, she is a wonderful dog, and great companion. Some of the things i enjoy are the outdoors, hunting, fishing, cooking, reading, children, and family. I am considered kind, a gentelman, attractive, good humored, love to laugh, am giveing, loveing, faithful, loyal, and, i think, an all around nice guy. I am looking for a woman from Voronezh who is sincere about this, wants to come to the U.S., to live, wants to be married, is a one man woman, who is faithful, affectionante, sensual, has a good sense of humor, is willig to learn English, and wants a family. I am very serious about this, and do not want to play games with anyone, if you are not interested, i can except that, just let me know, as i will, for you. I also am in very good shape, and work hard at it, so i am seeking a lady, who takes care of her self, enjoys excerciseing, and keeps in shape. So if i sound like a man you would like to know about further, please respond back. I will answer any questions you have, the only request i have is that you will answer, my questions in return, look forward to hearing from you. My picture should be on file, as well as my profile there, I do have more pictures, and should be able to send them soon, i have been haveing some serious problems with my computor, but i think i have solved the problem. Thankyou for your time.


James Stefano

my dog Lab
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Hello, James!
I can't speak English, but I would be glad to master it.
Well, you do the right thing if you are going to spend Christmas with your family. I read that the next year is a leap-year and it should be met just this way: with our families.
Best wishes,
from Gomel, Belarus

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 08:50 Reply

  hello James ! 
my  name is Tanya, I was born 20 oct. 1995 in Voronezh.
I study bookkeeping at the Voronezh university.
In my spare time i like to read, listen to  music, spend time with my friends. I like to travel, see something new, meet different  people. I also like to dance, my hobby is belly-dancing. I am looking for someone to spend  the life with. The man I am looking for should be honest, kind, have a sense of  humor, he can find the same qualities in me.
 I like animals, I have a very funny cat at home.
 I am waiting for your letter.
Sincerely yours
   Voronezh matchmaking service, Russia.

Single woman Single woman 27 September 2018 19:37 Reply
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