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My name is Jeff, I live in Vancouver, Washington in the United States.

for Her

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jeff M. I live in Vancouver, Washington in the United States. Vancouver is a suburban city of 75,000 peoplejust to the north of Portland, Oregon.We are located on the Columbia River, which flows in to the Pacific Ocean.
I saw your nice picture and information on the "Ukraine Marriage Agency" advertising site and received your name and address from the company you listed it with.I was impressed with your photo and how beautiful you are.You look like someone I would like to get to know.I am writing to you in hopes that you and I share some common interests and that we will become friends and possibly more.
I will tell you a little about myself.I just turned 44 years old, I was born on January 20, 1974. One of my wishes for my birthday is that next year at this time I will not be alone.I have never been married.I was born in Boise, Idahoabout 400 miles from here.My mother and father and my sister all still live there.I am about 5' 11" tall and weigh about 190 pounds.I live by myself in my house.I live in my own home with my springer spaniel puppy, Buddy.
I work for a large company selling commercial vehicles.I do travel some with my job and I enjoy that very much.I spend much time doing my job, probably more than I need to, I think that is to compensate for not having anyone to spend time with outside of my work.
Even though I spend much time workingI know that I am more than just a business person.I have learned from years of experience that I am more than just a salesman.I do that to make a living and I am more than that in my life.I am a Christian (meaning I believe in a God) and am very spiritual.That is not to say that I am very religious.There is a difference in my thinkingI am spiritual in the sense that I am constantly trying to grow my spiritual life and to become the best person that I can become.
I am a one woman man.When I am going out with a ukraine woman from Odessa she is the focus of my life.I do not enjoy going out to the bars and spending time drinking.I would rather sit at home and read a good book than go out drinking.I drink only moderately and only on social occasions.I do not smoke.I would very much like to meet a nice Odessa lady and get married in the near future.I am getting older and would like to family before I get too much older.I love children and would like to have a couple of my own some day.How do you feel about marriage and children?
I am very serious about getting married and also I hold a belief that you only get married once.That is the main reason I have not married before.I want to make this lifetime commitment witha special lady and only plan to make it once.
I try to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy many simple things in my life.I enjoy spending time with quality people and to be outdoors in nature.I like to take my dog out for long walks and to take her to the beach and play in the water when it is warm.
I enjoy all that there is to do with a woman and to be with a special woman would really make my life more complete. I am ready to settle down into a family lifestyle and to have only one special woman with me that will make a loving family with me.Are you that special person?If you are I will share everything with you!
Please let me know if you are interested in getting to know one another.I hope that you are!Please write to me with any questions you havefeel free to ask me anything, I will do my best to answer all of your questions.Honesty and openness are important qualities to me and are necessary in a good marriage in ukraine.
I will send this letter nowhoping that you will respond to me.Please tell me all about yourself and your family.Tell me about what you do with your days.Tell me about your dreams and goals.
Your new Friend,
Jeff M.
Vancouver, WA 98662

House Vancouver, Washington in the United States
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Hello, Jeff!
I worked at the seaside and took the pictures there. I had a very interesting time that summer. My mother was born in 1980, on January 1st in 2018 she is going to be 38. I would love to present her a trip to the aqua park in Odessa. The nature is magnificent in Ukraine. There are pine forests. In summer none of fairy tales can be compared to the sunsets and sunrises. And if a couple of dolphins are jumping not far from the coast, that looks gorgeous! That is a real fairy tale. I would live in that fairy tale. Marcus, you're always welcome (I mean your thanks for my pictures). I've got many pictures. When I buy a camera, I will take as many pictures as possible. I can't buy a camera now (my old camera was stolen).
Thank you for your reply.
Guest Guest 12 August 2018 14:04 Reply
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