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Hi there!!! I’m Jeremiah and am currently living in Chicago Illinois.

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 Hi there!!!
I’m Jeremiah and am currently living in Chicago Illinois.
I am currently in medical school and will graduate in May 2016. I am a 5'8" 160 lbs, athletic (former hockey player), brown hair, brown eyes.
My personality is pretty wild but in a good way. I am always to trying to make the most out of each day and have a blast doing it. I love to laugh and smile. One of my friends described me as being the ultimate catalyst for fun, yet having said that I do enjoy quiet nights as well. I am deeply loyal to my friends and family. I am very optimistic and believe anyone can accomplish anything if they have the desire to reach their goals.
I love to travel, especially to Miami Beach. I’d rather go out for dinner than cook. I am a major movie buff. I am extremely laid back when it comes to the stresses of the world. I love to watch any type of sporting event. I am really spontaneous, so be ready for last minute trips. Well I hope that gives you a pretty good idea about myself.Please feel free to ask me anything. I am an open book.

I am not completely sure what type of russian woman I am looking for at this time. All I hope for is that I can share with someone the events of my life, and at the same time truly enjoy their life experiences. Simply, to find someone that truly complements me. To find someone from St. Petersburg, who is as thrilled to be in a relationship with me as I am excited to have met her.

Jeremiah and am currently living in Chicago Illinois
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Hello, Jeremiah!
I'm very glad to have got your e-mail. Moreover, I got interested in your letter
and you seem to me to be a great man! You know, I like educated people and you
give your knowledge to others-that's just great! I'm glad that you've got a lot
of friends, that there are very interesting people among them. That is good for
you, first of all. You wrote to me that you'd like to have me as a friend or...
Would you like me to be more than a friend for you? For the beginning I offer to
get to know each other. I'm rather curious about your Zodiac sign. Have you got
any siblings? Have you ever been married? Have you got any children? I think
that's enough for the first time to ask. You travel a lot , I envy you. I've
always been dreaming to travel round the world. I've got many friends and they
don't let me be bored. Well, it may seem I've got no reason to be unhappy, but
there's no man by my side whom I'd love, respect, trust and who'd love me. I've
got enough "fans" here in St. Petersburg, but most of them don't value Russian women and think
that they're able to buy my love with their money. But they're wrong. Some guys do
not understand that except money there are other values in our life. I like just
and honest people. I believe in your honesty and that's why it's pleasant for me
to know you.
I'll be looking forward to your soon answer.
Anna Mogilnaya
St. Petersburg, Russia
Guest Guest 8 August 2018 17:02 Reply
Hello, my dear friend!
My name is Dasha.
I was born on the 30 of June.  My zodiac sign is Cancer. They say women of this sign are faithful,  caring, loving, for them the most important is family and good relations.
I go to college, I study by correspondence  and I'll be  a future accountant.
 By my character I am kind, tender, responsible, purposeful Russian girl.
I like dancing and singing, I like romantic music very much and walking under star sky.
 I like  animals very much and adore children.
 I would like to meet a man  who would be kind, tender, understanding, caring, loving. I'd like to create a family based on love, respect and understanding.
 Hope to hear from you soon.
  from St. Petersburg matchmaking agency.
Single woman Single woman 14 September 2018 20:21 Reply
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