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My name is Raymond, I live in my one house outside of Bergen, that is west in Norway.

for Her


My name is Raymond an I am 32 years old. I am single and have no children. I have never been married. I live in my one house outside of Bergen, that is west in Norway.

I am 181cm. 76kg. And have dark hair. I have a god job in the North Sea on a oilrig, and have worked there for 11 years no, and I am satisfied with that.

Some lines about my personality:

I am a simple man, they keep on saying I am a handsome man but that is for you to settle. Have a soft heart for everything that not is just. I am a good listener. I believe I have good sense of humour. I am generous to the people I now and to people that are poor and don't have the same possibility as I have. I am a good handsome man to be with in the social life. I am a patient man. I try to respect all human for what they are. Believe I have a good taste in the generation life. I am a man that will stand by your side in good as in bad days. I am very loyal, a man that will respect you for what you are and what you stand for.

Like to take a walk up on the mountains when the weather allows me to. Value a god fishing trip to.

I am using a training sent whenever I have time for that's. Like to stay shape.

Love animals, wish I were able to have a dog. But that is not possible since I live on my one.

Have a motorbike as well, love to use it.

I am the youngest boy in the family of five.

I am seeking for the second half of my heart, a tender woman from Minsk, Belarus, who can cheer me up when needed. A woman who need a god man, safe and stable financial future. I want to find me a good sexy woman that will care for me as much as I will care for her. A woman that will be proud of me as much as I will be proud of her. A woman that will relay on me as much as I will relay on her. A woman that will respect me as much as I will respect her for what we are. A woman that need my love as much as I need her love. I need a woman that I can be good to, some one to share everything with.

Hope to hear from you, I am sorry but it was not possible to send any picture with this letter. Or write me back and I will send you my handsome picture.

To then,

The best of regards from


P.S. my house picture (outside of Bergen)
Kitchen, dining room
Outside table setting
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Hello, Raymond!
Thnk you for your letter. I would like to get married, but I want my marriage to be based upon deep and true feelings.
  what are your free time activities? where do you work?
I live in Minsk, my city is too large, but it's quite cozy and beautiful.
I haven't got any pets for my flat which is rather small doesn't let me have any. But I love them much. I live with my mother, my younger brother. My Belorussian parents are divorced. They've been divorced for 10 years already.
When I have some free time, I go to circus, to the cinema, I go in for various sports: volley-ball, basketball, shaping, Latin-American dancing, boat-racing. Generally speaking, I never feel bored and I have always something to make myself busy.
If you feel interested in me, I'll be glad to hear from you soon.
Minsk, Belorussia
Guest Guest 12 August 2018 14:17 Reply
Hello, Raymond!
Thank you very much for your letter to me. It is very nice and thank you for the complimets to me.
Some words about myself:
I am 24 years old. I was born on the 6 of September 1994. I work at Minsk Agrarian Academy as a teacher's assistant. For today I have a degree an agronomist-specialist. i continue my studies to get another degree and maybe after that I'll work as a teacher. I do research work in the sphere of selection and seed-growing.
I like nature much that's why I chose such profession.
Our town Minsk is situated on the river Svisloch, it is a cosy, green town. Not far away is the medieval european "Mir" castle.
There are many parks, cafes, discos, clubs.
I like outdoor activities. i go to the seaside or river; I like music, it depends on my mood; I like to read, meet with friend.
I am fond of sports - I play tennis, basketball; I also like to watch football and figure skating on TV.
 I am merry Belorussian girl. I appreciate people with good sense of humour. I think it's better to be an optimist in life. I like open, kind people and try to be so myself.
My family is my mother, father and yournger brother Alexander. My aprents are married for 25 years. My brother is 17, he is a student.
If you wnat to speak with me by the phone, I'll be glad. Please contact the dating agency manager and she'll organize everything.
Please tell me about your family.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Best wishes,
  from Minsk, matchmaking agency, Belarus.
Single woman Single woman 10 September 2018 20:52 Reply
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