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Hi Marina! Thank you for your self-description of you and your family.

for Her

Hi Marina!

How are you doing? It was such a pleasure to receive your letter.

Thank you for your self-description of you and your family. You definitely
seem like an interesting person to get to know. Your daughter Katherine is
very cute! You are right, she doesn't look like you! Thank you for your
picture as well. You are very beautiful! =)

So Katherine has a cousin, Sophiya! As for my family, I have a younger
brother, he is getting married in 2 weeks. They have a 1 year old daughter,
Alyssa. I have attached picture of my baby neice, Alyssa and I. My brother
and I were born in US. However, many of our aunt, uncles, and cousins
immigrated to US 6 years ago. So I have a big family in New Jersey/New York.

I am impressed that you have a master degree in foreign literature! What
are some of your favorite authors? I believe I will always be a student in
life. I am always trying to learn everything. In fact, I started studying
Russian. I have to admit, it is a difficult language! As for college, I have
a bachelor in biology and pre-medical, an MBA in business and accounting,
and I went back to culinary school to study pastry and wine studies. Very,
very, very diverse education! =)

I love children, and I certainly hope to have a family of my own as well. I
had thought about having 3 children of my own and adopting 1 or 2
children(s)...still that all depends upon our ability to afford to raise
that many children!

As for what I am looking for....someone who is romantic, honest,
intelligent, faithful, funny, and a good mother. I'd want to hold her close
to me when we go to sleep, and see her beautiful face when I wake up. I want
to find a partner as we travel and learn more about each other's culture. I
love teaching and I love learning.

Anyway, if you don't mind me asking, what happened with your previous
marriage with russian man? How well is your English? Where have you traveled to?

I must go to sleep, work tomorrow morning! I hope to hear from you soon, and
I will write more next time! =)

Sweet dreams my Russian princess,


I love children, and I certainly hope to have a family of my own as well.
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Hello Paul!
You've got nice work and you must like it very much. Everything is ahead for you, you should only wait, believe and hope. You will be happy, you will have a nice family and a loving wife. What made you join the "Nizhny Novgorod girls" dating agency? Do your parents know about it? How long have you been using the service? What are you going to do this weekend?
I am very busy with my work, so I sometimes can't respond your letters at once.
Nizhny Novgorod

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 09:08 Reply
my poem to Nizhny Novgorod brides:
  A Lover's Dream wife husband.(beloved).

Wild eyed woman-child
The minstrel poet who dances lyrically across my heart
Her soothing mind-touch guiding my quill

Her verses swirl into an elaborate confection of poems
The musical river of her sweet voice whirling in my soul
A passionate cadenza continually evolving in the wild waters

Time tastes upon her tongue
Eddies past
Never touching the eternity of her ancient spirit

Her heart aches for love's embrace
An endless hunger lost deep in her soul
Frozen in the grave silence of her sorrows

Painted paper butterflies fluttering in her heart
Waiting for love to visit her again

She finally tires of crying and retires to her bed alone

Light dims and brightens on her sleeping face
As the moon passes through dark horsetail clouds

She free falls into a lover's dream
Feeling a shadow take her from behind and
Savoring the warm sweet breath upon her neck
Her dress silently spills to the floor

Unseen hands caress her breasts
And lightly travel down her body
Finding the passion flowing between her lips body warm, legs, melting.
their arms, doth, quickly surround, each other. holding close. no cloud
between them. only love, passion. joy.

She begins to sway
Undulating to the hypnotic rhythm of his desires of her.
her desire, doth answer.

Her movements
Her husband touches
of delight

She submits quickly to the pleasure
And lets the warmth of her fantasy soothe away her aches and weariness
Devoting herself completely to the dream

Wild eyed woman-child
Sprinkles her desires throughout my poems

I scribe the small nuances woven into the tapestry of her unsaid meanings
Feel your soul touch my heart as you read our hearts, becoming one.
us a song. for our lifetime. of sharing, each other. as ONE.
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 16 September 2018 08:26 Reply
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