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Hallo Irina, Thanks for you nice email, you sound like a really nice sweet girl !!!

for Her

Hallo Irina,

Thanks for you nice email, you sound like a really nice sweet girl !!!

I got a bit of a surprise and a shock when I checked my emails  today
and found that I received 15 emails from 15 different girls and wondered
what on earth I was going to do ! (It is not everyday that I receive 15
emails from 15 different girls, so I am not complaining !)

I decided that it would be only polite and good manners to reply to
every email even though it will take me a long time to do. Thank
goodness I am on holiday tomorrow. (I know it might take the translation
service abit of time to translate my emails but I am a nice guy and
don't won't to disappoint anyone).

I didn't expect to get so many emails at once, but decided to make a
decision which 4 or 5 girls I would like to hear from again otherwise I
will be spending all my freetime writing emails and unfortunately I am
quite busy at the moment !

You seem like a really nice ukraine girl so I would love to hear from you
again.(hint, hint !)

I will tell you abit more about myself to give you a better idea what
sort of person I am and where I come from.  First of all, although I am
living in Germany, I am not a german citizen, but actually come from New
Zealand originally.

I have been living in Germany now for almost 2 years and at the moment
am working as an english teacher, but am hoping to start up my own
business in about 8 months time. I worked as an accountant for about 7
years and have worked in a number of different countries. (New Zealand,
Poland, Latvia and England), but after 7 years I was sick of it as I
always had to do the same work day after day, had a boss that didn't
care about me and didn't have a chance to get more money or a promotion
no matter how hard I worked, so in the end I said that was enough. (I
felt I was a human calculator and didn't really enjoy my work).

I was brought up on a farm as my parents have a 40 acre orchard and 20
acre vineyard in New Zealand.

At the moment I have a much more enjoyable job, nice collegues and lots
more freetime. Unfortunately to be honest, my job doesn't pay very well
and there is no real chance for me to earn more money unless I decide to
apply for my boss's job, when he is leaves in about 3 or 4 months time.

So I am afraid I am not rich, but just simply a really nice, honest,
friendly and well mannered young man who hopes to meet the ukrainian girl of his
dreams, someone that is really nice, sweet, honest, well educated and
ambitious young lady, that respects me for my honest, friendly and
caring nature and not because I happen to have wealthy parents.

I am looking forward to starting my own business as it will get me a
chance to feel like I have really  acheived something.
I have a really good business idea and everyone I contact or talk to is
very supportive and I have a really good chance of being successful as I
have the right business contacts and experience to make the business

So I hope that 2018 will be a great year for me, the year I start my own
business and hopefully at long last meet the ukraine girl of my dreams.
(Up until now it simply hasn't happened as I was always busy with either
working, studying at university or moving to another country for work).

In my freetime, I learn german, meet friends in a pub or cafe, watch TV,
read books and play music in a pipeband in Cologne. (I have been playing
the bagpipes for 15 years now).

Can you speak any other languages besides Russian and English ?

I wish you a merry christmas (as I believe you celebrate it on the 6th
of January in the Urkraine, Kyiv) and a happy new year. (13th January oder ?)

I look forward to hearing from you soon,


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Not sure if you received this email, as I had some problems with my
computer when I first tried to sent it to you.

So you might already have this email. Can you please check ?
If you don't have it, can you please give the original email below to
Irina Kockvalenko ? (as I have not heard back from her yet and would love
to hear from her)


Nick Alcoock

Man Man 12 July 2018 22:31 Reply
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