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My home is Austin, Texas where many would say is the best place for young active people to live in America.

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I have many interests. My home is Austin, Texas where many would say is the best place for young active people to live in America. We have lakes, hiking trails, and many parks for physical activity. In the evening I enjoy seeing my friends out for fun and socializing. But mostly I enjoy doing things like cooking and having romantic excursions with someone "special".
I have had wonderful relationships with other women but I feel like something is missing in finding that "special" person. I'd like to meet someone who has the same interests and passions as I do to nurture a serious relationship. My passions are many. Traveling is something I love to do at least once or twice a year. Snow skiing in the mountains for winter and to visit Caribbean waters for the summer are what I look forward to. Live American Football games, theatre, operas, and movies are other events I like to do.
I have a Bachelors degree in Health and Fitness Management from university here in Texas. I played American football in college for awhile which explains why I have always lifted weights, ride bike, and like boxing. . Although in boxing I don't enjoy getting hit very much =).
I am an entrepreneur that has own business that provides cable television, high speed internet, and security that has just started up. I also develop and build real estate (land/buildings) as well. Friends have told me that I have a lot of energy and that I'm smart!! ;o). . . I do work hard but have my own hours so that there is balance between hard work and play.
My style is nice, I've never had any trouble with my looks. Friends say that I am handsome and very nice  =)). Because I wear dress shirts/pants for work I prefer to relax in jeans and boots for casual moments. Weekend nights I'll wear "cool" things that are not conservative. Summer days I wear shorts with sandals for going to lake or having lunch/coffee at an outdoor cafe.
I hope this gives you at least an introduction to what I enjoy to do. It will be nice if we will communicate with each other. I'd like to be able to share more about myself and of course learn everything about you. My profile is below for you to see. If you find any kind of match I'd like to email/write and or call to speak with you.
Kind regards,
Paul Man-ley
My  Austin  Family
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Hello Paul!
I am fine. There are some troubles at work, but they can be put right.
The weather in Kazan is wonderful, the sun shines, birds sings, trees bloom...It is spring outside, to put it in one word. My brother is getting ready to enter a college. I hope the marathon was excellent and successful for you. Paul, I have to go now, you know I work hard. I will write to you as soon as I have some spare moment.

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 09:04 Reply
    Hello Paul!
 My name is Irina. I was born 06.09.1995 in Kazan, Tatarstan.
I have a wonderful daughter Olya who is 5 years old.
I work as an accountant and I love my profession.
It lets me communicate with intelligent, interesting people.
I am merry, sociable, kind. I adore traveling.
I spend my holidays high up in the mountains.
In summer we my daughter and I go to the seaside.
I love cats and budgies.
I am looking for a kind, tender, reliable foreign american/european man  who would love my child and me to have a family with.  
    from Kazan matchmaking agency, Tatarstan.
Single woman Single woman 16 September 2018 09:06 Reply
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