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I am seeking a wonderful, attractive & interesting Volgograd woman on this site and hoping that my final choice for relationship will be you.

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My name is Henry Brown. 
I am seeking a wonderful, attractive & interesting Volgograd woman on this dating site and hoping that my final choice for relationship will be you. 

I am a tall & slender, attractive, healthy, gentle spirited, romantic, caring & creative light-complexioned black American male with a tremendous sense of humor, patience and interest in many things esoteric, and full of wonder. I am a native of Seattle and I am a unique blend of interests: I am a songwriter, guitar player, enjoy pretty much all musical styles, my taste of movies is fairly broad with a general focus on sci-fi, comedies & dramas (especially historical and biographical dramas), and enjoy leisurely outdoor activities (weekend drives, city & country hikes, window-shopping, concerts, etc.) I am most prone to indoor activity (movies, dining, board games & card games, music & songwriting, cuddly video nights, etc.) and do have a fondness for relaxing activity like bowling or pool. I have a 5 year old daughter and I am very interested in making a larger family with my future Volgograd wife and prepared to make a happy family together.

I like a Russian woman who's openminded, friendly & emotionally honest. Tolerant yet not a push-over. Someone who's ready for a romantic, communicative, creative relationship. Someone who is comfortable with herself & her desires, enjoys intimacy with her partner, appreciates the challenges of a healthy partnership, adores children & can readily relate to a partner's child as her own, and desires to have her own children. Someone who can handle entering into a fairly unique family situation, has a lot of patience and does not suffer from jealousy. Someone who either has her own creative interests/hobbies or at least appreciates & encourages it in a partner without feeling ignored or threatened by it. The perfect partner may well have some markedly different personality traits, but in order to grow a successful relationship, we must share a certain degree of similarity of major life goals and have good communication, chemsitry & personal humor.

That is the basic information about me!  If you are interested, then contact me right away, as I do wish to meet the right woman from Volgograd for me and begin a new life together as soon as reasonably possible!

Sincerely, with many kisses and hugs,
Henry Brown
sand castle from Henry Brown
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Hello Henry!
I can only sympathize you now. I can imagine how hard it must be to stay without your family, without their support.
My work is all right, there are some troubles, but it is O.K. Don't stay long in Europe, go home as soon as possible and you will feel better, you will find work and your loving people will be with you and that is the point.
Respectfully, Vikusia

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 08:58 Reply

 Hello, dear american friend Henry!
My name is Natalia.
I was born on the 17 of December 1980 i Volgograd, Russia.
I am widow and bring up a daughter Valeria, she is 16, she studies in high school.
Bye education  I am an engineer-economist and work at our town  local administration.
I like family coziness, to cook, to grow plants, take care of the animals. We have a pet - a dog.
I love and respect my parents, they are pensioners now.
By nature I am calm, responsible, kind, faithful, caring.
I love traveling, I visited some counties in Europe.
I dream to meet a reliable, faithful, purposeful man, caring, kind who value family relations, can support you in hard minute.
If you are interested, I'd like to continue our talks and now each other better.
Volgograd matchmaking service, Russia

Single woman Single woman 27 September 2018 19:47 Reply
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