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Hi! My name is Fredrik I'm fr-Еn Sweden.

for Her

Hi! My name is Fredrik I'm fr-Еn Sweden. I soon have my 27 years birthday. Some biodata of myself:182cm ,about 70 kg short brown hair,blue eyes athletic.

I have lived in different parts of Sweden before as my father worked with astronomy in different projekts.My mother  is a sientist in languages mostly english.I have always been intrested in animals.I have had sevaral different during my childhood.I began with akvarium.After this I fell in love with a white rabbit i the petshop I have also have birds dogs.I don have so much time nowadays for animals so no animals for the moment,but cats are cute.I also like to be out in the nature,listning music mostly pop,art.I have been riding for one year verry nice actually.

About what I'm doing.I studdy for teacher in society.After years of practise with half education as extrateacher it will feel nice to continue to study the rest.I work sometimes besides,mostly in schools as extrateacher.The goal to be teacher came to me when Iheard that it's pleny of such jobs in my country.But mostly because I like the job.I must say that I have a form of education in enverionmental with society specialsation since my gymnasium time but this jobs are not so many so teatcher is better.

I looking for a serious relationship with the goal to marry.

I have been hurted one time before of a lady who wasn't serious enought so I'm separated.I see the life as something that it's possible to make something great of so I prepeard to don't give up my search for the true love in life!

Yours sincerely

from Fredrik Swedenfrom Fredrik Sweden
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Hello again from Sweden! Hope you not have been tired of that I have written some times before to yuo wiht e-mailexpress! I wonder what you think of Life Extension technology if it can been used even for poor people. I just wonder. I know there are many problems in Russia with alchoholism etc. I`m a member of Lifextension Institute in USA the number one in the world. It`s have a number of members around the world. Not so many in Russia. I think they have many oportunities for children to have diatary supliments in their food if the ordinary food not have so many different vitamins etc. But the products are expensive. But I have heard that they have researchcenters that sarching for new cheap possibilities. That should include how the food should bee used not only products for much money! Not to forget many sweet kisses Fredrik Th. from Sweden

Man Man 15 July 2018 10:39 Reply
 Hello Fredrik.
How are you? I like very much your letter. It was very interesting and you sound like very interesting person.
It is very interesting for me to know more about life abroad. I came to the Kaliningrad dating agency with my friend, I want to find good friend and may be in future husband. In my country it hard to find good husband. Young people from our country do not really think about raising family and to care about it. In our time it is difficult to find job. My mother tried to have her own business but she was not successful. The tax inspection is very importunate.
 Now you see why I joined the Kaliningrad matchmaking agency. I'm not looking for an advantage. I want to meet a european/Sweden man with whom I can spend all my rest life. I envy you a little that you visited Mexico, Bahamas and Jamaica it is really perfect. I want very much to visit different countries . I hope in future I will have possibility to make all my dreams true.
I have younger sister and brother. My brother is very clever child. He has a dream to study in London (after finishing school) Now he studies English. And my sister finished the 1 form.
Now I'll finish my letter. I hope to hear from you soon.
   from Kaliningrad dating site, Russia
Single woman Single woman 15 September 2018 09:46 Reply
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