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Hello there, I am sure you must get alot of guys emailing you so I will get right to it.

for Her

Hello there, how are you? I must say I really enjoyed your ad and am very interested in getting to know you. I am sure you must get alot of guys emailing you so I will get right to it. I am 28, 5'10", 175lbs with green eyes and blondish hair. I am not lazy, I am employed full time and work in the music industry for a major guitar manufacturing co. I am from Allentown, Pennslyvania located on the east coast United States. About 2 hours south of New York City to be exact. I try to be a very active person who loves alot of different things like playing music ( guitar and drums ), concerts / live music, sporting events, working out, dinner and drinks, traveling / day trips, the beach, movies, friends, family, and just overall getting out and livin life.
The reason why I am writing you is that I would like to meet a non American woman. The women over here in my country are all concerned about partying, using men, their jobs, social status, casually dating, money, quitting and running away when times get rough, and all the ones I have ever been in a relationship with have treated me very bad and left me heartbroken. So I am expanding my search in hopes of finding someone in another country and have heard great things about European and Russian women in general and how much different they are from American women in more positive ways. Travel has always interested me and so has learning / meeting other people from all walks of life. I am ready to settle down and hopefully start a family someday. Nothing is more important to me in the long run and I would like to explore as many ways to make this dream come true as I can.
I feel I am a very outgoing, friendly, loyal, caring, motivated by goals, and most of all.....a dreamer. My best quality is my sense humor. I can make just about anyone smile. I could be described as warm and goofy at times who will usually do anything for a good laugh. I am also told that I have a very pleasant and social manner about me and I try and smile whenever possible ( except for those darn pics, I can never seem to do it ). I have also been told that I am very bold, straight foward, have a backbone, and always stand up for what I believe in.
Please check out my profile and pictures ( I have more pics I could send you if you would be interested ). It should pretty much tell you everything about me and what I am looking for, I thought I was rather thorough lol. I am looking to meet my soulmate from Sochi(Russia) and hopefully have it lead somewhere serious in the long run. Hope to hear from you soon and if I don't, thank you for taking the time to check out my ad and pics though. I will answer any questions you may have.

Cory from Allentown, PennslyvaniaPool(Cory from Allentown, Pennslyvania)
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Hello, Cory!
I'm glad you are a member of the Sochi matchmaking site. People look for various ways to meet their true love. Someone may find their love walking in the street, others - being in a cafe or restaurant, etc. Now we are talking to each other in our letters, but we must be sure in our feelings. To be sure we should meet and have a personal talk.  You will have to come to Sochi/Russia. Do you agree?
In what way do you picture your future with me?
What conclusions have you made after several letters that I'd written to you?

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 10:49 Reply
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