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When I saw your photo, I said to myself that woman looks absolutely stunning, that your face was so beautiful

for Her

  When I saw your photo, I said to myself that woman looks absolutely stunning, that your face was so beautiful that I wanted to write and tell you just how beautiful you truly are. It made me smile to read your dating profile. We seem to have some of the same interests. It sounds like you are a very special person with many great qualities. I grew up in USA, New York, on Long Island. My family is still there. So let me tell you a little bit about me.

I have been smiling from ear to ear ever since I found your photo. I just looked at your profile again. I cannot tell you enough how much I am looking forward to learning who you really are and what you are all about. When I look at your photo I just feel happy but how could this be I don't even know anything about you.

Well one thing that I have learned the hard way, when you are trying begin any relationship, that you must be totally honest with yourself and those around you in order to find some real peace within yourself. For me it is important to have very strong morals and principles and in order to live honorably. What we need most from each other is to be loyal, trustworthy, honest, kind, caring and forgiving. This is when life takes on a much grater meaning, far beyond anything we could have ever imagined. I try to live my life simply, just day-by-day and trying to live in the moment.

Some of my past relationships started out grate in the beginning, but they did not understand what the word honesty or truthfulness was really all about. Honesty must be the corner stone of any relationship, in order for a relationship to grow; honesty must to be the bases for our friendships. Even if you don't like what the other person has done or said. Just being able to except that we are all human and that making mistakes is all just a part of life, always try  to be kind, understanding, forgiving and loving toward your partner, is one way in can join together in this life. Because I was unable to practice these principles myself in some of my past relationships is part of the reason I have not been with anyone in along time. But that is the past and I am ready to move on and begin a new life.
Anyway that is part of the reason that I have chosen to meet someone on the Internet. Why not? I'm a Sr. Computer Network Engineer I'm always in front of a computer some were and always on the Internet. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I will tell you up front that I am a very sentimental and romantic man and I do have many strong moral values. OK that's enough of my serious side let's talk about my fun side.

I Love to have fun, I Love to laugh, I like to be spontaneous and do things on the spur of the moment. I have an overwhelming feeling about you. I really would like to spend some time getting to know you. I know that at this point I am not supposed to give out my personal Information until we get to know each other a little better. Such as my Real Name, my real E-Mail Address. We both know that they are a lot of nuts out there in the Big Bad World. Nevertheless, One of my rules in Life: If we don't take a chance trusting each other from the start, than we don't have a chance. So here I am ready to spill the beans. It is has come time for me to take a chance. A chance that there is someone else out there who is willing to take a risk, in order to find that certain someone and begin to share there dreams together. I'm not quite sure why but something is telling me I should take this chance. Call it intuition, call it spontaneous, call it crazy, but let us take that risk one step at a time. So here is my Info:

Name: James Bla.
E-Mail Address: man***@msn.com

I wanted to send you some pictures of my home and the things that I really like.
So here is the picture of my house

My Home

So now, what shall you do with this information?
Please end me E-Mail through this Internet dating service?

PS: I am very old fashion man too in many ways. I always like to play the gentleman. This is to insure that everyone that we meet together will always see you and treat you like a Lady and give you there utmost respect. Curtsey to one another shows honor, respect and Love. We should always try to treat each other with respect and dignity. I believe that being respectful toward one another is the magic that keeps the relationship growing stronger each day and will bind us together as one.

With grate anticipation.
Yours, James

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 I am very interested in settling down and marrying, but have not found someone to share my future with.
I hope to find this special russian woman in Voronezh. I am cheerful, caring, and intelligent.
I was born and raised on a farm and this is where I want to start my family eventually.
I have a Ph.D in microbiology and immunology and am 32 years old.
 I hope to hear from you soon and best wishes.
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Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 16 September 2018 16:07 Reply
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