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Hello to a special person in Pskov Russia!

for Her

Hello to a special person in Pskov Russia,
    First and for most,I want to thank you for letting me write to you and maybe becoming a part of your life.
what a wonderful, brave woman you are to consider starting a new life in a differnt country with a new man!
You must be so strong and optimistic!
    My name is Joe {easy American name}  I'm tall and advrage weight , becoming thin [ on a diet]
I work in the casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA {not a big city]
I repair small credit card printers .
I work in the day time only, I  am off  tuesday + wednesday. I am on call for the week ends.
I can go out on the week ends because thay seldom call , and if thay do it is never early
so i only realy work 3 days a week,  almost every one wants my job  but i am the only one who lives close enough to the casinos .  I enjoy working in such a fascinating place,with intersting people.
New Jersey, wile not as beautiful as Pskov, is situated in the golden triangle between
Washington and New York city and the opportunity to learn or to ACHIEVE is found few places that I know of.
    I live on a small island population 30,000 called Brigantine Beach and it is almost  all beach.
we have lots of all things asocieated with the water. Lots of beach time.
It is has nice people, its clean and very  safe place. Brigantine is a little busy in the sommer for it is
a resort town.
Our  winters are mild  still awaiting first snow [ hard to build a snow man]  as  of jan 20.
temperature seldom  below freezing in the day time maby 2 to 4 snows  2" to 8" winter is over in mid march.
     I'm a little older than you are but still young enough to expect the best in life is yet to come and i'm still looking for that one so special " love of a life time ", may this letter find her hart.
   Adventure some times calls me and I need to find new places to visit and explore, or  bike down a mountain , ride a raft down a river,  hike and camp through a forest, canoe down a stream.
   The Arts some times call me and I go to the theater or a concert or a museum .
Some times it is enough to just lay back in some secluded hide a way, and watch the sky go by, or just a walk on the beach. All these activities are much better done when you have some one to share the experience.
  I am looking for my best friend, my teacher ,my student ,my hart, my sole, my reflection, my most  beautiful woman, ultimately my intence romantic lover / my wife?
I want us  grab the most life has to offer, and have lots of fun on the way, and never look back to what could, would, or should, have been.  If all this sounds romantic well then, I,m guilty as charged.
    I will take you dancing if you will dance with me. I will learn some  Russian if you will learn some English.
I am not a rich american, just an adverage american,with an adverage carier.
but average I am not!!
 not in hope- all ways expecting better, all ways finding a sliver lining to a dark cloud.
 not in hart - all ways giving all that I have, body, mind, and spirit.
 not in kindness - allways a smile and a warm hart not in  love -allways trying to please my lover in all ways, wile being very passionate , for if this is returned then indeed a real love story is made.
 not in gentelness  - allways a gentelman , as gental as a kitten.
     So I have given you a slice of my life,and bared my sole to you,  you can laugh at me, or laugh with me.
that's alright , as long as I have not bored you ,  that is unforgivabule.
if you think i could  make you  happy ,make you laugh, make you gigle a little,
make you blush a little , and maybe "cry" sometimes , little small tears of joy ! and may be "someday"  make you love \ till your hart akes!
Then i hope to hear from you.
With great respect and truest sincerity, to a pretty Pskov woman
       Joe Hill
pictures from Joe Hillpictures from Joe Hill
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Hello Joe!
I am also busy at work and if you were as busy as I am now I understand you perfectly well.
I am glad you and your wife found a compromise and you can visit your kids at weekends. You get along well with your wife. Joe, I hope you understand we both are very busy at work and I sometimes can't respond your letters at once. I only hope for your understanding. And now I am also busy, I will write to you as soon as I have a spare moment.
   from Pskov

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 11:04 Reply
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