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Hello Tanya, I would like to invite you to take my tests, you will learn much about American culture

for Her

Hello Tanya, This is Paul Min., from St Paul Minnesota USA.  I would like to invite you to take my tests, you will learn much about American culture, music, philosophy, economics, American poetry, and interesting things will happen to you.
I test you not with a lie, or have some KGB agent watch you to see if you are a liar girl.  I just be myself.  Just the test of seeing me live my life and watching how you respond is the test.
I've only had one girlfriend, when I was 15, her father was a Lutheran minister, we dated for one week but were best friends for all of high school.  I also dated long distance a young Spanish lady who read existential philosophy like Dostoyevsky, Nietzsche, Camus, Sartre, and mostly poetry, that's how I came to be enlightened about life, through a pretty girl, as it is always, with all great things in life.
I am still a virgin, and can only date one who believes in the philosophy of Christ, it is important to me, not necessarily the faith, or church, all that is meaningless and trivia to me.  The significant thing is that you believe in the philosophy of Christ and tell me why it is powerful.  This is your very first test.
I will marry after I am 27, in December, it has been my long term plan, and I am ready with my career.  I have begun my search, one month ago.  Already, I have tested 7 beautiful models from all over the world... Lima Peru, Magadan Russia, St Petersberg, Ekinterinberg, Karelia, another in Ekinterinberg, and Eagan Minnesota, in my home town.
Please note that the one from St Petersburg was not a model, but holds a degree in German Philology, knows French Existentialism, and she still failed my test.  The very last test is the hardest one, and they have all failed, would you like to try?  You couldn't imagine 7 beautiful women, all assuming they could just walk right into my life, and their final email states their mistake, and the embarrassment on their character for being so selfish!
If you are interested, I am VERY interested in you.  Please respond to my email quickly, as I have about 50 woman from all over the world standing in line to take my tests, but I don't want them I want you to take my test, I only take one girl on at a time, only one.  You are the one I want to choose and I will wait, but the way this past month has gone, I may be gone in the next couple of days, and if 5 girls have made it to my last test, maybe there will be one soon that will be ok for me to date as a girlfriend.
And if you pass, all you can be is my girlfriend, the word means that you are a girl, you are my friend, and when you put the word girl and friend together it also means that I don't have any one else who is my girl and my friend.  It means nothing serious about children or family, just talking and being young.  Remember, I won't marry until I am 27, and December is a long time away.
But if you are my girlfriend, NO ONE can take your hand away from mine, because I believe in Chivalry.
Patiently Awaiting Your Response
Paul Mine
PS You need to tell me in your response 1.) where you think I am in these photos, it is very important 2.) Some basic philosophy of Christ that is good to use in your own life every day
This is Fraser my horse
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 Hello, Paul,
I got your letter, thank you very much.
I'd like to know you better. Please tell me more about yourself.
Now some words about myself:
In summer ( on the 11 of July) I was 19. My height is 165 cm, weight - 46 kg. My zodiac sign is Cancer.
I study at the Ekaterinburg university, I am a second -year student at technology faculty.
I live in Siberian part of Russia, in the Ekaterinburg, and my family lives in Ekaterinburg region. I have mother, father, older brother who is married and has a child. I have many relatives. Some of them live in South Dakota in town Sioux Falls.
I am fond of dancing, music, singing, merry companies. I like travelling.
I'd like to see your country and I hope this dream will come true.
I want to meet a european or american man who will understand, respect, love, appreciate me as I am.
I want to meet someone who will share joy, sorrow, happiness with me.
Hope to hear from you soon,
  from Ekaterinburg matchmaking site, Russia
Single woman Single woman 15 September 2018 10:05 Reply
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