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Hi, dear unknown lady, I live in Basel, Switzerland, but will soon move to the eastern part of the country

for Her

      Hi, dear unknown Mariupol lady,

 My name is Benny, I am 45, 180cm, 76kg, blue eyes and trying to find my love for the rest of my life...

 I live in Basel, Switzerland, but will soon move to the eastern part of the country, closer to the mountains and into a new appartment with a wonderful view over one of the two biggest lakes in Switzerland.

 I have three sons (16, 14 and 12) from my former marriage. They are very special and I love them very much. They live with their mother.

 I think destiny has a lot to do with faith and bravery, in the sense that one could sit and wait and blame "destiny" for what ever happens or does not happen or one can take action and take a chance to do something for one's own happiness.

 I decided to do the second one and started searching the internet to get to know somebody. The future will tell me, whether I will find my destiny via these means...

 Well beside my german mother tongue, I am speaking english and french fluently. I studied english in UK 20 years ago and did a diploma from Cambridge University. My french, after studying in school, was pretty much improved during a one year job in Lausanne (Swiss-French part of Switzerland). You know, about 1/3 of the swiss population is speaking french.

 As for you, I am looking for my loving partner, my special woman from Mariupol. Could you tell me more about yourself?

 Although up to now, I sometimes asked myself , whether I am idealizing the fact to find someone in internet, but as it seems, you believe also, that for true happiness in life, no way is a bad way. Being best friends (never let the other down), partners (always supporting each other) and intimate lovers (I am very romantic and passionate) at the same time is very important for me. To have a happy family again is my dream.

 Besides being a normal man, goal oriented, strong, intelligent and smart, I love to be in a romantic enviroment with an intelligent woman, who is aware of the such wonderful moments and is also able to treasure them. Do know Frank Sinatra? He does a song which is my favorite one: "I did it my way..". This song means a lot for me, as it helped me keep my head above whater during the most darkest moments in my life. I learned there is no good or bad in doing something, but only that one does something, as long it is good for oneself (and of course does not harm others...). Every one is responsible for his own feelings in this world, but very few know that. Every one can do something about not feeling very well and even fewer people know about this as well. I think, in a way, people can really make themselves happy...

 I also like to go to the theatre, so see movies, to read good books and to discuss about God and everything.

 When I come home from a hard day, even satisfied with the rewards of my job is giving me, but then, everything gets quiet and this loneliness starts creeping around me, making me feel that there is still something missing. I want to change that situation. I am living on my own since 3 years, after my divorce. Well the first time, it was ok, I needed it, to find back myself and to find out what I wanted in the rest of my life. But then, when my mind was clear, the world of my feelings quiet and stable again, I started to miss the family life, the closeness of a woman, the common trust and of course the happiness being together. Sharing everything together, helping each other and enjoying life together, this is my goal for my future.

 How is your professional life working? Do you like it? What education have you got?

 As for me, I am working in the software business, having founded my own company, I can choose whatever I like to do, so it is fun for me and then it becomes another dimension, not stressy and rewarding, enjoyable.

 I my job I can travel a lot (mostly Germany) to see customers and work there like 50% of my time on site. The only thing I dont like, is to stay in these hotels all the time, would rather be at home in the evenings, but then I like it even more after coming back again. I am working in the software development business, owning a software company since 4 years. We have 20 employees and it is a lot of fun. Our customers are in Germany and Switzerland, but our employees work out of the Czech Republic. I have had the idea and worked out this concept and then founded the company after searching a reliable partner in CZ. I am glad that it is working fine for the moment, although the recession is also hitting a little the information technology industry, but more the big companies than the small ones. My original education is business administration and I have a master in insurance, but went away from this sector 20 years ago, when IT was really booming. So I decided to be in this business for my future and it proved worthwile. I do not regret this decision.

 I also like sports very much. My parents are very sportive since I know them. We did a lot of skiing and mountain hiking. When I was a teenager, I was almost fed up with it, because there was no other holidays than skiing and hiking over years, but later I became very grateful to my parents, that they showed me the nature and the relaxing experiences one could make in these enviroments. In summer I go with my kids to Southern France or Spain to do camping. I like the sea very much. It gives so much freedom and peace when sitting on the beach, listening to the waves. This summer I remember one evening in Spain, when the guys went already to bed, I went back to the beach, full moon and thousands of stars. I felt very priviledged to be on this very nice spot of the world and enjoyed it very much. How nice it would have been by sharing that moment with someone... I am sure this will come again in my life and I am looking forward to it.

 I also can play tennis, but did not do it for more than 3 years, after a car accident and a broken tibia head. So my doctor advised me not to do too much stop-and-go sports, because of the arthrosis risk. But I am fine so far and do power-walking, swimming and biking instead. But I was sitting last week with a customer at lunch in a nearby sports center and we looked at people having a tennis match...well I just wanted to start again...

 At the moment, I am curing an achilles tendon rupture on my right foot, which happened early october this year. I was travelling to Shanghai, China, and was playing badminton... then all of a sudden it was done. Fortunately I am doing very well, walking again and stretching the thing every day 3 times. Now I also start with power training for the legs muscles again and hope, for my ski holidays end of january next year, it will be more or less ok again, because I am fond of mountain skiing, which I do since I was 4 years old and I am a pretty good skier.

 By the way, how do you live? Do you have family? What are you doing whenever you could afford to have spare-time?

 Well, you can see my picture under the dating profile "pilot45".
Can you send me some of yours?

 I am waiting for your reply, looking forward to get to know you more. If you have some time to talk on the phone, just mail me your phone number and tell me an appropriate time.

I would love to talk to you.

My interest is serious, because I want to get married this year.

I wish you a pleasent and nice day, take care,

Best regards, Benny (Bernhard)

P.S.: Some photo of my car:

Some photo from Benny - Basel, Switzerland

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  Hello, Benny!
 I am very glad to hear from you. Thank you very much for your letter.
How are You?
I am fine. I'll tell you more about myself.
I think you know where my town Mariupol is situated, in the south of Ukraine, near the Azov Sea.
I was born near Odessa ( it's a nice big city). If you come to Ukraine one day, I advise you to see this nice city.
My aunt and cousin live there now.
I live with my mom. we are very close, like good friends. We live in the a partment, it's small but cosy and comfortable.
I am a Christian , but I am not very religious. But I think faith is very important for every person in life.
I am a one man woman. I think it's a great feature of character.
i don't smoke or drink.
How do I feel about marriage and children? Of course I want to meet the right man for raising a close, happy family with.
I'd like to have two children, after some years of marriage. I am ready to settle down into a family lifestyle and have only one special man when i'll meet someone.
Why did you decide to find a ukrainian wife abroad?
Do you like cooking? What are your favourite dishes? How do you like to spend your free time?
What countries did you visit?
Do you plan to come to Mariupol, Ukraine?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon,
    from Mariupol matchmaking agency, Ukraine.
Single woman Single woman 16 September 2018 20:45 Reply
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