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Hi girls! I will tell you about the things that aren't listed on my dating profile.

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Hi girls,

I saw your dating profile, which contained your photo, age, height, and weight.  I don't know much more about you, but I'd be interested to find out more.  I will tell you more about me, so you can decide if you are interested in communicating to me.  I will tell you about the things that aren't listed on my dating profile.

My name is Marius, and I grew up in Germany, but I'm an American citizen living in Los Angeles.  I studied computer engineering at the University of Arizona, and now I work as a software engineer at a large company.  I am 25 and divorced.  I have never had any children.  I'm 172cm tall and weigh 57kg.

Regarding my personality, the first thing you will notice is that I am very shy and quiet in front of people I don't know well.  It takes a long time for me to learn to express myself freely to someone. That aside, I am determined, conscientious, and have a long attention span.  I strive to be creative and unorthodox in everything I do.

I spend most of my free time thinking and daydreaming. I like taking walks and various sports. I like to cook low fat, high fiber foods. I enjoy anything that involves working together on a common goal.

I have some idiosyncrasies. First, I'm not a busy person. Most people are busy and have many hobbies, but I'm the opposite. Second, I dislike unnecessary luxuries and have few material wants.  For example, I think stylish clothes and cosmetics are silly. Third, I question all customs and traditions. I think we should think for ourselves and accept only the things that make sense. For example, I don't believe in gender roles.

This is not to say that I am looking for someone who is similar to me. I think that by having different strengths and weaknesses, we can form a stronger team, as long as we can accept each other's differences.

The main reason I am seeking someone special from a foreign country(Russia, Ukraine, Belarussia) is that I'm not good at socializing, so I think it's less likely for me to meet someone compatible in my own country.

I am seeking someone independent and career-minded.  I am not so concerned with looks, but I seek someone with intelligence and a strong character.

If you are interested, feel free to tell me and ask me anything you like.  I am very interested to know about your interests, your personality, what types of things you do each day, your hopes and dreams, your friends and family, or anything else you can tell me about you.  I'll be hoping for your reply.

Marius from Los Angeles

My House(Marius from Los Angeles)
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   hello Marius, my name is  Svetlana,
I was born 19 aug 1998.
I am attractive  blond, divorced and have got a grown up daughter, she is 4.
I work as an administrator in beauty saloon. By  my character i am calm, balanced, caring person. 
i don't have bad habits, i lead a healthy style of life.
I appreciate in people  honesty, sincerity, sense of  humor. In my spare time i like reading, listening to  music, cooking, traveling.
I like  nature  and animals very  much.
I would like  to meet  an independent, good, caring  man for having strong and  friendly  the family. 
hope to hear from you soon.
    from Mogilev dating agency, Belorussia.
Single woman Single woman 14 September 2018 20:39 Reply
  Hello Svetlana!
I liked your matchmaking profile very much. My name is steve I am
from the usa I am a very easy going man I am seeking a
life time partner for love and marrige I am family orented
 and have good morals I am faithful ,loyal, loveing and
careing I like to find that in my partner I like music
I enjoy the out doors and working around the home I have
a good sence of humur I am a very hard worker I even built
my own home I am looking for a very strong relationship
with a women from Mogilev, who likes children and posibly wants one You
can check out my matchmaking profile if you like 
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 20:42 Reply
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