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I am this incredibly handsome, absolutely brilliant man (snicker).

for Her

Hi, my name is Brian, but I am called Sam (long story, if you ever want to hear it).  I wish these profiles told more about you, to see if we are compatible.  But since they do not, all I went on was something I saw in your eyes, in your photograph.

So let me tell you about myself, and you can see if we have any common interest.  I am this incredibly handsome, absolutely brilliant man (snicker).  Ok, in reality I enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy, movies and books. My taste in music ranges from New Age, to Rock, to Classical, just not Country. I drink wine, but enjoy beer better, but not too much. I love the zoo and many others things that entertain children. Speaking of children, mine are two cats and two fish (one being an unusual Catfish).  I am not into watching sports, but do like many activities, like swimming, fishing, camping, hiking, and canoeing. There is not much I will not try at least once, sometimes twice (if it does not kill me ;-).  I really enjoy trying new things.  But I have fallen in love with scuba diving. I have always enjoyed going to new places and doing new things, but this is the greatest.

I have lived a very diverse life, from living in a house without indoor plumbing, to having seen the Horned Moses, in Paris.  My favorite play is Man of La Mancha; my favorite movie is Flash Gordon (and, yes, I know how bad that movie was).  I have my own tux, but have not have an occasion to wear it lately.  I do love good dining, and even can tell the difference between the entree fork and the salad fork.  I open doors for Russian ladies, when they let me, and follow them in, when they do not.  Although I like outdoor activities, I also enjoy challenges, like jigsaw puzzles, murder mysteries, and board games like Risk and Monopoly.  I also enjoy Chess, but can not seem to grasp the ability to think ahead (go figure).  When it is raining, I love to sit by the window, reading a book, drink hot tea, and eating shortbread.  And even though I have written a small book here, I mush confuse that I have barely touched on what makes up me.

I am looking for someone from Sochi(Russia), that likes to have fun and does not take life too seriously.  Humor is very important to me, and my idea date is someone who can make me laugh.  Intelligent is also very important, I like being with an equal, and can keep me sharp and on my toes.  I am also looking for someone who is comfortable enough with themselves, that they will go without their makeup, we it is just the two of us, because I am allergic to it.

Now that you can see who I am, what do you think?  Do you think you can keep up with me (snicker)?  If you like what you have read, give a note back, and who knows.  Anyway it turns out, it was nice meeting you.


Fayetteville, AR  USA
My Cat (Sam Fayetteville, AR  USA)unusual CatfishMy Cat #2 (Sam Fayetteville, AR  USA)
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 Hello, Sam!
My name is Irina. I was born 11.04.1995 in Sochi, Rossia.
I'm not married. I am a student and I'm going to be a ship's cook.
I live with my mother and step-father.
I go in for sport. 
I used to study at the Sochi's Sport College.
I used to go in for boat-racing, dancing and basketball. I like nice music, nice company.
I also like nature.
I'm calm and even-tempered by nature.
I'm a merry person and I'm rather curious and inquisitive: I like learning new things.
I used to work as a waitress in a Sochi's cafe.
I like changing: wear various hair-do, change my style in clothes.
I love animals. I adore soft toys. I am fond of cooking and making my house cozy and sweet.
I like traveling.
I'd like to know more about you, your interests.
I'd like to meet a kind, thoughtful, caring and attractive foreign man.
I look forward to hearing from you.
    from Sochi dating agency.
Single woman Single woman 16 September 2018 09:00 Reply
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