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My name is Jamie, I am a well educated, attractive, successful businessman.

for Her

  My name is Jamie, I am a well educated, attractive, successful businessman.  I have been engaged twice, but never married, and have no kids.  Many people compare my looks to Tom Hanks, but much better looking!  I am seeking a warm, compassionate woman from Chelyabinsk, who not only is willing to let her guard down, but is willing to become my soulmate.
     I enjoy watersports, swimming, and traveling.  I have traveling virtually everywhere in the United States, and Greece and Italy.  I plan to return to Europe/Russia soon, as I loved the way the people of foriegn countries embraced me.
     Honestly, I could have my pick of many women in the United States.  However, I have learned that many of these women are strictly looking for an attractive man who is very wealthy.  These women then abuse our relationship by taking advantage of my money, and cheat, lie, and abuse our relationship. 
     I am seeking an attractive Russian woman who wishes to share her dreams and desires with me.  She must be honest, and never EVER cheat or use me.  My woman will be an equal in our relationship, and people who know us will see how much we are devoted to one another.
     I own several homes, so I travel quite a bit to visit these homes.  I also love to gamble, and visit Las Vegas several times a year.
     I own two automobiles, a jet ski, and a motorcycle.  I love warm weather, but not too hot.  I am just as happy snuggling up to eachother on a couch watching a warm fire, or a good movie, with the woman I share myself with.
     I am a very passionate man, and have yet to meet a woman from Russia, who can keep up with my libido.  I have lived with three women I have dated, one for two years, one for three years, and my ex-girlfriend, for just six months.
     My woman must be honest, forthright, caring, loving, warm, emotional, sharing, passionate, and beautiful.  I believe I can offer all of these qualities to my woman.
     RULE NUMBER ONE, if you cheat on me, the relationship is OVER.  I believe that is the number one reason that couples break up, or don't make it through tough times.  I also believe it is a part of how you are raised.  I was raised never to cheat on my woman, and in my 32 years and over fifty relationships, I HAVE NEVER CHEATED ON MY LOVER.
    I guess that is real important to me.....

    If I interest you, write me, and send me your picture and real name, tell me who you are, what you like to do, and how you believe you might be the woman for me.

    I will not send roses or chocolates, what woman with a beautiful figure eats chocolate?  If we begin to write one another, then I would plan to journey to your homeland, meet your Russian family, and see if we have an "Instant Attraction."  It is all in the eyes, if you can't keep your eyes off of me, and I can't keep my eyes off of you, then we have a good start.....

     I look forward to hearing from you....and thanks for reading my words from the heart....


Jamie from Westford, MA United States
from Jamie - Westford, MA United Statesfrom Jamie - Westford, MA United StatesMy motorcycle
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Hello Jamie!
The weather in Chelyabinsk has changed for the worse, it rains often, the skies must cry for you, it must miss you. And it is not only the skies and clouds that cry for you, I also miss you.
Wow! Your trip was so long! You must be very tired. But this may be put right. Have a good rest, relax a bit and get down to work again. How did your friends meet you?
Have you told them about your trip to Chelyabinsk yet?
What was their reaction?
Were they envious? :0)
My life is the same again, I work, but I have got some troubles at work, but it is O.K. Everything will be all right.
Get better and have a good rest after the long trip.
  from Chelyabinsk

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 10:55 Reply
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