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Hopefully I can give you enough information so you will be able to decide if you wish to continue a correspondence between us.

for Her

Hello my name is Glenn.
I wanted to write to you an introduction letter about myself, and possibly help you understand a little about me.
Hopefully I can give you enough information so you will be able to decide if you wish to continue a correspondence between us.
I'm forty-five years old, I like to exercise daily so I feel a lot younger than my age. I'm self employed in the construction business, I help build houses. I was a chef for twenty-eight years, and hopefully soon I'll own my own restaurant. I have two small boys the oldest is Nicholas he is ten. Patrick is seven. I love my two sons very much. I have been divorced for eight years. So I get to spend every-other weekend with them. I like children very much and I think that it is important to be a good example to them. I like to do a lot of outdoor activities, going to the movies, or a play at the theater, I like to dance, and have fun no matter what I'm doing at the time. I am a very honest man, if I tell you that I will do something I will do it. I also like to cook romantic dinners, I also treat a lady, like a lady.
The kind of woman I'm looking for will always and forever be my best friend. Someone I can talk to about anything. I'm only looking for someone who is very serious about coming to America and starting a family. I would like to have some form of comminution with you several times a week until possible the first of the year and at that time I would like to come to Perm and meet you. I can promise you an exciting new adventure, I would like to return to Russia every year with you to visit family and friends.
If you have any question about me fell free to ask anytime. I hope this will help you understand a little about me. Thank you for reading this letter. I hope to hear from you in the future.

Glenn from Nashville, TN

picture from Glenn (Nashville, TN)photo from Glenn (Nashville, TN)
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Hello, Glenn!
Thank you for your letter, it was nice to read it. It's nice to know you think me to be goal-oriented. I am. I know I will have my dream come true!  Glenn, you know, I'm as jealous as you are. If I am in a restaurant with a boy friend and he is looking at some girl, I will leave without saying a word. They say I'm too proud, still people respect me. You know,  can prove my being right even if I am not.:)
My teacher of Law used to advise me to be a lawyer, but I feel Law is not my field of activity.
Merry Christmas, Glenn!
My best wishes to you and to your family! It's very nice to talk to you.
I hope you made a wish at Christmas night. If you did, it will come true! I do believe in miracles.
With best wishes,
  from Perm

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 11:01 Reply
 Hello Cristina,

I am a single man living in southern California. I enjoy many things to do here and live alone with my dog Sasha.
I have family in the same town and a son and daughter that live with their mom and step dad. I Myself am in search of a Perm woman that might be interested in a man that is sincere, caring, and wants to devote himself to just one woman from Perm for life.
Someone I will love and that will love me just as much. Many days go by where I wish I would find love again, so much to look forward to when you have someone to share the future with.
I look forward to possibly talking with you and wish you love and romance forever in your heart, :)

                      United States
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 27 September 2018 14:40 Reply
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