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I need love √physical and emotional√ and I feel almost desperate for both, almost like I'm suffocating for lack of air.

for Her


My name is Mark.  I am 44 years old and from the USA.    I don't drink alcohol.  I don't smoke.  I'm a divorced with two grown children.  My son Darius is in the Navy, and my daughter, April is an administrative assistant at a university in Minnesota.  I work as a computer professional.  I train Microsoft Certified System Engineers in Microsoft server products such as email and databases.  

It is hard to be objective in talking about myself, so I asked my friend's wife to write an introduction for me.  She did, but insisted on using her exact words.  This is what she said: ⌠Mark is a very loving, kind and sweet person, one that I would have been extremely attracted to if closer to my age (she is 61).   Mark is very sincere and would bend over backwards to make a woman happy.  He goes to the limits for someone he cares about.  The girl that chooses Mark will get more in the package than she ever dreamed about.■  I probably would not say that about myself, but I do try to sincerely live up to that.

I' tired of being alone.  Life is too short to spend it alone.  I need love √ physical and emotional √ and I feel almost desperate for both, almost like I'm suffocating for lack of air.  I am hoping to find a wife and start a family so I will not have to spend next year. alone.

I am very serious about looking for a wife through this agency.  I am committed to doing whatever it takes to find that special woman for me and to spend next Christmas with my new family.  I hope to travel in the early spring.  I am not in any way playing around or a curiosity seeker.  Your time corresponding with me will not be wasted.

I have an easy-going nature.  I think you will find that I'm easy to be with.  I love to take long walks along the beach.  I love tennis, swimming, going to the cinema, dancing, and most types of music(my favorite is classic rock, and I hate country western).  I can live in a big city or a small town as long as I can get high-speed Internet access.  I work and play with computers.  I enjoy reading and learning languages.  I especially enjoy learning new things.

I live in Thorsby, AL.  It is the peach capital of the world.  It is a rural location, 40 minutes from the nearest cities of Birmingham and Montgomery.  My work is frequently out of town and I am able to continue living here, or able to move to another location once I have a family and we discuss the possibilities.  I may be taking a work opportunity that will require I re-locate to either Atlanta, GA or somewhere in Florida.

What I value most is character.   I'm looking for that special chemistry with a slender, attractive, good-natured single or divorced russian female.   I seek someone from Pskov, who can commit to a long-term relationship.  I'm ready to commit to the right person.  I'm searching for a good-hearted, affectionate, loving companion to complete me.  I would never cheat on my wife.    I would never deceive her.  Having a family is my number one priority.

When I find that special someone, I would be equally committed to her children, if she has any.  Should you decide to correspond with me and you have children, I would like to know more your children, including photos of you both if possible.  If we were to be together, I would do everything in my power to love them as though they were my own.  This may be easier for me because I was adopted.  My parents are not my biological parents, but they are my only parents I know and love.  

As far as career goes, I would be equally supportive of a woman who wishes to stay home and take care of the house as one who would like to have a career.  I have projects that we could do together that I would like to do, but need help.  I am not very organized when it comes to paperwork.  I need lots of help with this.  I can come up with grand ideas, but filing papers and keeping up with where they are is very difficult for me.  If I had a special woman who wanted to help me with this, we could probably have a very good business in a short period of time.  I have done this for others when they provided me with a good secretary.  

I also would understand the desire to keep in touch with family in her native country and help with this.  I am familiar with different means of this because I used to own an Internet Cafe in South America.

I understand that we have different cultures and customs and respect this.  One custom or culture is not better than the other, just different.  Although in the outside world, we would have no choice but to adapt to US customs, I would like our family to be a family of mixed culture and customs.  The best of both worlds so to speak.

Do you like to cuddle?   I think it is important to show affection.   Little signs of affection are so important.  I'm tremendously affectionate by nature.  I love to kiss, hug, caress, touch, hold hands, nibble, cuddle, rub against, stroke √ you just name it.  If you don't like to be hugged and kissed all the time, you probably won't like me.  I'm a very caring and passionate person.  I seek someone who is not afraid to love.   

If I am together with my special one, she will always be the center of my attention.  I promise I will always pay attention to her needs and happiness.  I'll give her lots of tender, loving care.  I'll make every effort to bring her happiness.  

When Christians were first permitted to leave the former Soviet Union, I worked with people from Armenia, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine, as well as other Russian speaking countries.  I was one of the volunteers who helped the Russian speaking families to adapt to life in the USA and to learn our customs.  All my friends were Russian-speaking.    I know a little about the type of women that live in the Russian speaking countries and how they value family.   I have forgotten most of my Russian language skills, but hope to recover them soon.  I have begun to study Russian once again.

Feel free to ask me anything.  With warmest affection,  

Mark from Thorsby, AL   United States
My car( from Mark --Thorsby, AL   United States )Sun setMy dog
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Hello Mark!
I think you checked my dating profile and you may know some things about me. I live with my mother and younger brother, I work hard with no days off. My mother is a housewife and my brother goes to school. He will take his final exams and he will enter a college. Your life must be very interesting. You have seen much, you've traveled much. Do your relatives know about your membership in the Pskov dating agency? What do they think? Tell me more about your intentions, your plans for the future. What are you going to do at this weekend?
I don't have the telephone. Maybe some day I will earn much money and afford a smart phone, for example. And now I work hard to provide for my family.
I can't write any more for I have to go to work now. I am a real busy russian girl. I am ready to be your friend if you agree to hear from you once or twice a week. I hope for your understanding.
    from Pskov

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 11:07 Reply
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