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I live in Bondi Junction, 10 minutes from Bondi Beach.

for Her

  Hello, Irina!

 I live in Bondi Junction, 10 minutes from Bondi Beach.
Bondi and the surrounding suburbs of Vaucluse, Double bay, Rosebay, PointPiper, and Woollhara are clean, safe, upperclass, educated, sunny, friendly and peaceful and our culture is very diverse with all ethnicities represented here. We also have a very high percentage of Russians in Bondi and surrounding suburbs. Infact many of them are very wealthy and have done very well in Australia in business. They are hard working and respected members of the community with many contacts, so Russians are very welcome here.
 I am looking for a woman from Ufa for relationship and hopefully marriage who wants me as I want them too, someone who will be kind to me, LOYAL, FAITHFUL, TRUSTWORTHY, HONEST, someone who enjoys their hobbies, and is open minded to learning things through lifes journey and enjoying their business or whatever they do. I think an Ufa's female should be treated with the highest RESPECT and HONOUR in the home, and loved dearly. She should be NURTURED, PAMPERED, CARESSED, ROMANCED, AND GIVEN GREAT AFFECTION and made to feel free and happy so that she can go anywhere and feel secure and alive! With her man there for her always. I will live to uphold her dignity, freedom, dreams and peace in life. I will seek to fulfill her in everyway she desires and will always be there for her as her Loyal and loving Australian husband. I will adorn her with affection and hugs and kisses because she loves me too and wants to be with me, and that will capture my heart.
What would I do on my First date it depends on the lady, and situation.
I want to first know what she would enjoy  I just want to go to a place where she feels comfortable  even if its her own place.

Infact that way you can talk and feel at ease and learn from one another.
 If she made me choose a place I would go to a quiet restaurant or cafe where the seats are big and comfortable  where theres plenty of light  or candles  and a leisurely pace with good satisfying food that she likes.
or I would make sandwhiches and fruit drinks and go on a picnic on a cool sunny day  under a tree by the water  the  beach or river  where we can feel lazy and relaxed and free. That way we can just relax and feel good and talk.
Where will you be 3 years from now?
 I believe in a bit of destiny and the miracle and  mystery of life  so I can`t say for certain. I would love a nice and pretty wife who is from an interesting old and strong culture and country like Russia where the girls have strong values and want a good healthy and warm relationship with someone who loves them, they are honest and straightforward about what they want and are wise too, meeting a few Russian girls I have seen that they also show a lot of passion in their beliefs and speech. I find that they are sincere and strong minded about what they want and I like this.
 I am passionate, mature minded and romantic. I make it a habit to be warm and respectful toward all people.
As for what I`ll be doing 3 years from now and also today, I will be in something in film special fx and animation.
Thats what Im studying now  I love to draw and create things. Where ever I am I want it to be as a result of the mindfulness and love I put into relationships today.
My creativity is a key source of my contentment and peace of mind and heart.
What makes you happy and sad?
What makes me happy is people talking to eachother in caring loving  affectionate gentle tones and supporting one another, uplifting one another with supportive and motivating language.
 What makes me down is seeing people be mean or non understanding to each other. Being non supportive and  fighting. I feel there`s one spirit in us all making us all one  yet manifesting itself in so much variety amongst so many different people, and
we can respect that spirit in everyone because it is also in us.
I believe people should comfort one another with their words and actions. They should treat others with courtesy and respect as we are all human spirits and all equal. Females are from God and without them the world would be a sad place.

 My mother is Chinese and my father is Swedish, he left Sweden and met my mum,
and they got married, they ran a coffee plantation and then my dad started his own construction company building houses and apartments. Then he died when I was 6 years old. My mum raised us and then we had a step father who wasn't very nice but we got by. My mum has since left this man and she is happier than ever now and I am glad for this.

 As for me I am working happily at a health store in Bondi Junction and looking after organic fruit and vegetables and studying animation and you really should see my drawings, they are very beautiful and I would love to send you a cd with my artwork on it in acrobat file, so you can see my artwork on there. I scanned photos of my artwork and burnt them to cd. Some are in pastel, chalk and pencil, others are done on the computer software (photoshop software). I am currently studying high quality animation and special effects for film and cartoons. I like to make people happy and laugh or smile at some humour that makes light hearted fun of life and humans with their expectations and how they respond when they don't get what they want. I will be making my own vhs tapes and DVD`s for sale when I start my own company in 2 years. The work I do is fun and not stressful as some other jobs, I get paid well and love to cook during the day or evening. I want to cook for the Russian lady!
  I am with and love her.

 My hobbies and interests include a wide variety of things, and I am open to new ideas and things all the time: Drawing, art, classical and Jazz music, some modern pop. Guitar, flamenco and Spanish guitar, pan flutes and wind chimes, dancing, exercise, swimming, volleyball, basketball, tennis, pingpong, bicycling, roller skating in the park, sunsets, nature, flowers, rivers, waterfalls, cute puppy dogs, learning educational tv programs, special fx and computer graphics, reading, writing, software, cooking, hugging, kissing, lovemaking, holding the one you love, talking, helping people, romantic atmospheres and open spaces, movies, documentaries on science or history, comedy, and geographical programs. But I hardly watch any tv since I do so many other things and am very busy. Ofcourse I like to watch and read the news to keep informed of whats happening in all areas and the world. And well there`s lots of things that I like so I could go on and on. I like life!

 I am a very creative, smart, confident, and a mentally and physically strong man, with lots of tenderness, affection and gentleness in my heart. I am very considerate toward a females many needs including assurance and comfort.  I would love a family with children one day that I can teach and make strong and bring up with good values to enjoy life. Ofcourse that would depend on whether my wife wanted them too as she has to give birth to them it is her choice in the end. I will support her choices and decisions. I want someone who can be serious but also loves to laugh, have fun, watch movies, read, be with a nice man who will love them 100% completely with full pampering, affection, and 100% Loyalty. (thats me)

 Should my letter be responded to I will call your number if you have one if you say it is ok in your reply to call you. If you would rather I not call then just tell me and that will be fine.

 I would eventually like to organize a Visa for you to Visit Sydney and stay with me for 1 month to see if you like it here and see if I am appropriate for what you want,
 I would pay for a return ticket from Russia to Sydney and Back to Russia round trip so that if you don't like it you can head back to Russia if you are not happy here. My first and major priority and concern is you feeling comfortable and happy with everything, making sure that I make it to your satisfaction and liking. That is the type of man I want to be in your life.

 Sincerely and with much care for your needs,


Bondi Junction
  NSW 2022
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  Hello, Mark!
I was pleased to get your big and developed letter.
about my family. So, it's not big: my mother, father and me.
Recently I finished my studies and got diploma. I don't work yet. When I am 18 I can find work then.
In my free time I go to the river Belaya with my friends, as it's very hot here. We like to sunbathe, swim, play volleyball on the beach.
I have many friends, but I have only one closest , her name is Galya. We want to go to the seaside with her.
I like different music: rap, dance music. But I like other styles as well.
Do you listen to Russian music ( singers)?
In the evening I usually watch TV, read books or magazines. I like to read novels most of all.
What films do you like? Who are your favourite actors?
Please tell me about your close people (friends, relatives).
Do you study or work? When is your birthday?
  Please send me your picture.
 With best wishes,
 Hope to hear from you soon,
    Irina from Ufa matchmaking agency.
Single woman Single woman 17 September 2018 07:34 Reply
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