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My hopes are to be able to meet a kind, clever, intelligent, sexy, outgoing, fun and adventerous woman from Vinnytsia

for Her

Good Evening.

I have recently joined this dating service in my continuing search for my perfect companion and partner. My hopes are to be able to meet a kind, clever, intelligent, sexy, outgoing, fun and adventerous woman from Vinnytsia(Ukraine), that wants to get married and raise a family.

I want a partnership in a marriage that we can share our lives together.  If you cook, I'll do the dishes. If you take out the garbage, I'll do the laundry. We can enjoy the good and bad things together. We can laugh and support each other in all that we do in our lives.  We can travel and see the world together. We can share the holidays and just have fun in our lives together. I want that one love that will last a lifetime. Its very important to me that we make a commitment to each other to stay together and love each other the rest of our lives. I've been divorced once. I never want to go through that experience again.

I love and want children. I have no children of my own. I would like to have 2 children. I am open to women that already have a child. If that is the case, I would like to have one child with you. I would like a family of four. I think that is the perfect size. I don't want to be involved in any international custody battles.

Its important to me that our children know that they are loved, we will be a happy family together and they will have the best opportunities in life that we can provide for them. I would want them to speak Russian or Ukrainian or both. I think they should know the cultures of both parents. I think that children that can speak multiple languages are going to be better off in the world. Thats important to me too!

I am not looking for an indentured servant. Many men have the impression that because they have done the women from a foreign country a favor by bringing them to to the United States. That their obligations to the marriage are over. The women should serve all of his needs without question. I would get very bored in a relationship where a woman was enslaved to my gratitude. I am not that kind of person that would do that. I want a partnership in a marriage. My search abroad is because I'm not finding the woman I connect with here in the United States.

I know I'm not perfect. I have a lot to offer the right woman. I know in my heart that my perfect match may not exist for me in the United States. I'm want to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the next time I get married witll be the last time.

When I was looking for what I wanted in a woman after my divorce, I wrote this story. I am not sure how this is going to translate to Russian or Ukranian. I think if any of it translates, You'll understand the kind of woman and relationship I am looking for.

Save this dance┘

A man and a woman come to the juke box with a roll of quarters. The man and woman have never met before. The man walks up to the jukebox. He picks his songs. The woman walks up the jukebox. She smiles at him. She picks her songs. The man walks back to his friends. There giving him a hard time. They know that he likes her. She is with her friends. They are giving her a hard time. One of his friends gets up behind him and pushes him out on the dance floor by himself. No one else was dancing at the moment. He is all nervous now. She starts laughing at him because his pants are not zippered. His shirt out from his pants. He tries to run off the dance floor. His friends push him back out there again. He smiles at the woman. She is still laughing. He walks up to her. She stops laughing. He reaches for her hand. He kisses it. He says "My lady, may I have this dance." One of her songs is playing. She gets up to dance with him. They start dancing together.

He starts to step on her feet. She starts to step on his feet trying to get out of his way. He is not a very good dancer. He tries to learn to dance from her. It is important to him that he impresses her. She starts to teach him a new dance. He starts to not step on her feet as much. He stumbles he falls on his butt. She starts laughing at him again. He starts to pout. She reaches down to help him get back up. She kisses him. He kisses her back. One of his songs starts to play. He starts acting all weird on the dance floor. She is watching him try to dance on his own. She sits down. Her friends are all laughing. He does not care. He is having fun dancing out on the dance floor by himself making the woman laugh. A song that someone else has picked starts to play. She runs up to him to stop embarrassing her by the way he is dancing. They start dancing to a song that someone else has picked. The songs keep playing. They keep dancing to every song that plays.

A week later they go to a nice restaurant. They have dinner. A bottle of wine. They dressed up for each other. She is wearing a nice skirt and blouse. He is wearing a nice 3 piece suit. It is a nice candle light dinner. He gives her a red rose. They talk for a while. A song they both liked starts to play. There is no place to dance. He does not care. He asks her to dance by the table. The waitress sees that they want to dance. She pulls a table out of the way so they can dance. The restaurant is almost empty. It was a quiet a night. He kisses her. She kisses him.

A few months later they are out with their friends. They go to the bar where they first met. They both walk up to the juke box to pick their music they want to listen to. He picks one of her songs that she likes. She picks one of his favorite songs. She picks on of her favorite songs. He picks on of his. He reaches for her hand. He says, "Honey, would you like to dance." She says, "I would love to." She kisses him.

The song that starts playing is a country song. He has never danced to country music before. He tries to learn how to country line dance from her. He is struggling with it. He keeps trying. She keeps on encouraging him to learn the dance. "It is simple if you try", she tells him. He gets frustrated. He tells her that he would like to watch her dance to country music to be able to learn how to do it. He is embarrassed by how he can not dance to this kind of music. He sits near her. He watches her dance. He is trying to memorize the steps. He begins to learn the dance. He gets back up to dance with her. He starts to dance to the country song. She smiles. She is pleased that he has learned how to do dance to country music.

A few more months later they come back to the bar to the jukebox. They pick their songs. Some friends pick the songs they like. There are a few people that they have never seen at this bar that pick songs they like. A country song comes on. He asks his wife to dance. She smiles. They start dancing to a country song. She has never heard this song before. He begins to teach her a new country dance. She is surprised. She did not know that he was taking dance lessons on his lunch hour. He wanted to impress her. Dancing was important to her. He wanted to share an interest that she had that they both could enjoy together. She steps on his feet a few times. He laughs at her. She gets all frustrated. He tells her, "Remember when we first met. I had trouble dancing too!" She smiles. She taps him on the arm with her fist. "Shush! Smarty pants. I am going to learn this dance." She does.

A year later they are in the grocery store shopping for food. Their first child is with them. She is a girl. Her name is Miranda. Miranda has blue eyes. Auburn hair. She is very smart for her age. Miranda is throwing food and other items from the cart all over. Her mother is frustrated. Her father is in another aisle trying to find an item that the needed to buy. A song comes on in the grocery store. He smiles. He walks back to his wife and child. He says, "Would you like to dance my love?" She looks at him like he is crazy. He asks again. They start to dance in the grocery store aisle. Miranda looks up at her parents. She starts to smile and clap. Her mom and dad keep dancing in the aisle keeping a close eye on their daughter. They both stop dancing suddenly. They hear Miranda's first words, "Momma, Dadda". She points at her mom and dad.

10 years later they come back to the jukebox they first met at. The husband and wife now come to the juke box. They pick their favorite songs. They start to dance. They keep dancing. There in love. They have a family. A son and a daughter. The daughter is 9 years old now. Their son David is 7 years old. They  keep dancing to every song that plays. There happily in love with each other. They have their share of problems. They love each other. They care about each other. There is nothing that will break them apart as long as each other tells the truth, is honest with each other and always faithful.

30 years later they are having a holiday gathering for Christmas. There 5 grand children have come to the holiday celebration. Miranda and David are both married. They have families of their own. Miranda has 2 twin girls. David still has not decided what he wants to do with his life. He has time. He is working on his law degree. Their father has a surprise for their mother this Christmas. He bought the jukebox from the owner of the bar when they first met 15 years ago. He had it put in storage for their 30th anniversary. Their father decided since the family was together this Christmas he would spoil the surprise a few months early. He has his family go out to the garage. He shows his wife and family the jukebox from the bar when their mother and father first met. She starts to cry she is happy. She kisses her husband deeply. They hold each other. Their family gathers around them. They have a happy family. They have danced the songs of life together. They have stayed together. It has not always been easy. They love each other. They have faced the trials of life together. There in love as much today as they were 30 years ago.

I look forward to future correspondance with you.

Ken from St. Paul, MN

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Hello, Ken!
Thank you for your reply. It's nice to read your letter. I am eager to meet you some day, too!
It's almost winter in my Vinnytsa city. It's been snowing all day long. Yesterday I had a good time with my colleagues after work: we watched nice movies, cartoons, danced a lot...
I used to play basketball, too. I was the main forward in my team, but when I found myself in the city team, they told me I was not tall enough.  Then I found myself interested in tourism, I was like a drug-addict in tourism. I was fond of climbing the mountains, being in the forests, camping, hiking.....
Then I got older. Generally speaking, I am rather fit. I always try to keep fit and I do my best to be in a good mood.  I never lose heart, I'm an optimist.
Well, don't be sad and write to me.
So long.
  from Vinnytsa

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 14:12 Reply
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