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I mean the one special person you have come to known in only your dreams, and hope someday you will find.

for Her

Dear Larisa,

 Can you remember a time when you found yourself perhaps looking out your window gazing up at the stars, your mind wandering, thinking about someone special? I mean the one special person you have come to known in only your dreams, and hope someday you will find. Perhaps you found yourself thinking about what the future has in store, imagining all those dreams you have coming to life, and how wonderful it would feel being with that one person right now. Maybe you even found your thoughts drifting, thinking of how it would feel being held close, the rush of the first kiss… the tenderness of his touch. That special someone who makes you feel so incredibly alive, so warm inside, who by just looking into your eyes makes you melt. Someone who shares your thoughts, passions, and dreams, and can touch the deepest parts of your mind, your body and soul. That one person whose heart beats with every beat of your heart, breathes with every breath you take, sharing endless times of romance, excitement, dreams coming true, and all the wonderful feelings that come with being in love. A love so real, a love so true,  that gives you sense of peace, contentment, feeling complete, knowing that you are truly loved for who you are, and all that lies deep inside.
 I know she is out there, I can feel her presence. I have dreamt of her many times, and can almost see her face. She is my partner, my lover, my life long friend. I'll love her today for all she is, and all she is not, and when tomorrow becomes today, I'll love her more than the day before. I know she is thinking of me too. I visit her in her daily thoughts, and at night in her dreams while she imagines the times ahead when we find ourselves united sharing a life we long to know. Together, forever, until death do us part, with no one leading, no one following, but always side by side.
It's a comforting voice she always hears, feeling free to express her thoughts, feelings, and desires knowing she is not being judged. Communicating in ways that are open and honest, in the ways it should be, on that special level knowing that someone really cares, and wants to understand, with two ears that listen, two arms to hold her, a shoulder whenever she feels a need.
 I picture those quiet times together like we have shared in our dreams. I think of those long strolls hand in hand, to holding her close as we watch the sun set. I think of those mornings snuggled in bed together, to perhaps a spur of the moment slow dance wherever we might be. All those times we cherish being alone together which say so much, and make all the difference in a world like today.
 She is the love of my life, the one I care for, and love with all my heart, finding me doing those little things that she loves, and can say more than words alone. It might be a surprise gift just because. A call in the middle of the day to say “I love you”. Maybe a warm bath waiting for her to soak in when she comes home from a hectic day. I will softly brush her hair as we talk, and leave little notes for her to find here and there. Perhaps on some days, she will find a rose placed on her pillow, along with some lingerie. Massages, weekend getaways, bubble baths for two…the ideas are endless with the love of one's life.  Ah.. to be cuddled in front of a crackling fire on those cold winter nights, with only the light of the fire, and maybe a few candles placed here and there… soft music playing in the background... maybe a bottle of wine at our side. A special time when words are not really necessary… being alone together saying it all. !
 To hold her in my arms as we sleep at night… heaven.
 Remember when you were a little girl, how you had this special friend.. a voice inside you.. one you trusted, and turned to many times that encouraged you to chase your dreams.. to go with what you felt in your heart… a voice that remains with you even to this day. Maybe right now, you can hear that voice, perhaps finding your thoughts again drifting to a time in the future…thinking about that life like you have always imagined, and all those wonderful feelings you long to know.  Imagine how it would feel discovering that special someone you have always known to be out there, might have just stepped into your life. To think, the start of that wonderful life could be only a letter away, perhaps finding yourself under those starry nights in the arms of the one you love.
If you feel that I might be the type you are searching for, and would like to get to know one another, I hope to hear from you soon. If not, I wish you all the best, and may all your dreams come true.

David Stephen
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 Hello, David!
My name is Olga! I was born on the 4th of May in 1987. I was born in Riga and have been living there for 18 years with my parents.
My father was a military man, now he is retired, but work at the Omsk Institute now.
My mother is a housewife, by occupation she is an accountant. I have graduated from the Omsk University this year.
I studied foreign languages: English and French.
By character I am calm, kind, merry, responsible. I go in for sports, like to sew, cook and read books, also my dream is to visit many countries.
I want to meet a clever, educated, responsible, with good sense of humor man without bad habits who will be faithful to me and our future children.
I hope to hear from you soon.
    from Omsk matchmaking agency, Russia.
Single woman Single woman 17 September 2018 19:04 Reply
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