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My name is Randy, and I received your address after seeing your dating profile and picture at a introduction service web site.

for Her

Hi Natalya.
 My name is Randy, and I received your address after seeing your dating profile and picture at a Dnipro introduction dating service web site.  After reading your matchmaking profile, I felt that we had much in common, and that I should write to you and learn more about you, as well as tell you something about myself.

 I live  just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, USA.  I live alone with my German Rotweiller dog (Floyd), a very large (21 lb.) main coon cat (co-de) and a very sweet kitten (Simba).  More on them later.  I also keep two salt water aquariums.  One is a huge 150 US gallon coral reef tank.  It is full of beautiful salt water fish.  I also raise live sea coral which I cultivate.  There is also a 35 gallon tank in the master bedroom.  I find the fish and coral very relaxing to watch, and really enjoy this hobby.  I love water, and the ocean.  We don't have an ocean here, but there is a swimming pool at my home, an indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, and a creek (small river) which feeds a river nearby bordering my property.  Lots of water in and around home.

 My home is only twenty minutes from downtown Nashville.  It is nice to have the convenience of the city, with the beauty of the country.  Nashville is a very pretty city, with lots of good live music, a nice new art facility, a pro football team, a pro hockey team, and a good business environment.  I have lived here for about 16 years, and am originally from Memphis TN, about 200 miles west of here.  I am an active Christian, and am active in a local community church.  I attend regularly, teach a youth bible study for 5th and 6th grade kids, and more importantly ask Christ into my life on a daily basis to rule my life and show me His will.  I have been very blessed.  I am fortunate to have a lovely home, my health and a successful business.  I try to find ways to make the blessings I have received count for something.  I give all the credit for any successes I may have to God.  The only thing missing in my life, is somebody to share life with.  I am OK alone, but I know that we were not created or designed to be alone.  I believe that a strong family can hold each other up through difficult times, and better enjoy the blessings in life together.  I want this in life, which is why I am responding to this ad.

 My hobbies include music, aquarium science, star gazing, swimming, volleyball, movies, fine dining, and travel.  I love to relax at home after a hard day at work.  I will often cook out, and after dinner I will float on my back in the swimming pool and watch for shooting stars.  I can relax like this and an hour will pass like a few minutes.  When I look into the sky at night, and see the wonder of God's creation, I realize two things.  One is how blessed I am, and the other is how small I am.   It is a very humbling thing for me, when I stand (or float) in awe of God and His work.  I also like to play the acoustic guitar, the harmonica, and a little bit of mandolin (I am still learning the mandolin!).  I am very passionate about music, and can really feel certain kinds of music on a very deep level.

 We could probably teach each other much about different kinds of music.  According to your profile, you have many of the traits I would treasure most in a woman.  A woman who is a good nurturer and home maker is important to me.  A man needs a lot of encouragement and care.  I am missing this in my life, and can only imagine how much more I could accomplish with a good woman at my side.  God has carried me through much, but I still long for a real love to share this life with.

 I must admit that I am also attracted to your smile.  You are a very beautiful Dnepropetrovsk woman, and your smile and your eyes held an immediate attraction for me.  I love to laugh, and my friends say that I have a good sense of humor, dress well, and am an attractive man.  It is hard for me to be objective of my self, but I know that my heart is good, and that I am a caring and dedicated man.  I have strong leadership skills and a very strong faith.  By the way, I was born on September 21th 1974, and have the maturity and financial stability  of my age (44),.  Yet, I am also a bit impetuous, playful, and often spontaneous. 

 Floyd is very big (125 lbs.), but he is a very sweet dog.  He is gentle with the cats, and he loves children.  I also love children and hope to build a family with children some day soon.  I finished raising one son on my own, and would hope to have a strong family with both father and mother present in home next time.

 I also do not drink, smoke or do drugs.  They cause many people many problems, and I don't feel the need to change how I feel.  I actually like how I feel on most days.

 I read a bit about the Ukraine/Dnepropetrovsk on the Internet.  Your country has many historic architectural sites like the  St. Sophia's Cathedral and The Golden Gate of Kyiv. It sounds like it was beautiful country and lost much during world war two.  This is sad to me, such loss of beauty and so much work to build beautiful structures, and to be destroyed so quickly.  I someone really buried in the church at St. Sophia's? 

What is the Unkraine like today? 
Is it a safe, or is there much crime? 
There is much to learn of each other.  Do you have someone to translate or explain my letters to you, or do you know enough English to understand?   I
will leave you for now. 
If you agree that we have enough common traits to try to learn more of each other, write me and tell me more about yourself, your ideals, beliefs, and goals/desires. 
Please include more pictures if you can. 
 I will promise to write back.

  I hope to hear from you soon,

    from Pegram Nashville, TN   United States
from Randy (Pegram, TN)
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      Hello, Randy!
  Thank you very much for the letter. It was  very  pleasant  to receive it.
 In this  letter  I am going  to tell   you  about my family.
  It's not  large. It  consists of  my  father, mother my  younger brother,  my  small daughter and  me.
My  father works  as a driver, my  mother is a housewife, my  brother  studies    at the  navy  university. My  daughter is 4. her  name is  Lera. She is  all my  life. I  love her very  much  and  don't  imagine  my  life  without  her. She  likes  to talk and  she is  interested in everything. Best of all she  likes to travel. We went  to the  zoo with  her and  she  liked  everything. The  circus came  into  out town and  we'll  go  to see the  show. I  like very much  to go walking with her.
 I live in a very  beautiful town. Dnepropetrovsk(Dnipro) is very green, calm  and  there are  many  places to  rest. I don't  like   noisy  companies. I like  to  have a rest  with  two  or  four  friends.
 By  character  I am  calm, communicative, with sense of humor and  balanced person.
 In  men I appreciate kindness, decency, generosity, the sense of  humor.
 I would  like to ask  some  questions:
what  features of  character do you appreciate in  woman? Why did you decide  to  find  a  woman  in Ukraine? maybe  you have  friends whose  wives  are from Ukraine?
 Write me, I'll be  very  interested.
 hope to  get   your  answer soon.
 With  best regards.
     from Dnipro matchmaking site, Ukraine
Single woman Single woman 17 September 2018 08:09 Reply
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