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Your image has remained with me since I first saw it. Who is this woman? In your eyes I see sincerity and a complex woman with a simple soul.

for Her

    Hello charming Tanya!

 Modern technology amazes me.  Here I am, half way around the world, on my computer, looking on the internet, and I see your picture and a short biographical profile on the Volgograd dating web site.  I just recently joined the Volgograd dating agency.  Your image has remained with me since I first saw it.  Who is this woman?  In your eyes I see sincerity and a complex woman with a simple soul. To say the least I found your short biographical profile and photograph to be very attractive and interesting.  I thought, if you wanted, it might prove to be interesting if we became better acquainted.  Now what can I say to make you want to get to know me and see my good qualities, instead of the many other responses you must have already received?  All I can do is just let you know who I am and hope you find a common interest.
 Please allow me to introduce myself to you, my name is Joe Lee. I am 46 years old, 176 cm in height, about 79 kg in weight, divorced for ten years, and the step-kids are grown and on there own.  I was trained in collage as an engineer.  I have worked myself into a position where I do not have to work anymore, but still remain financially secure.  I am healthy, and conscious about what I eat.  I exercise with a 17 kilometer bicycle ride each day, I do not smoke, or drink and do not take drugs.
 I'm basically introverted, and very shy, especially around people I do not know.  This changes when I am around people I know and in more familiar settings.  Writing does not come easy to me and I am slow when it comes to matters of the heart.
 Some things that are important in life for me are; mutual respect, honesty, and open communications.  However communications, I feel is the key to a relationship, listening first to understand and then seeking to be understood.  It is sometimes hard to truly communicate when both persons speak the same language, it is impossible if we speak different languages.  This is one of the reasons why I joined Volgograd dating agency, because of their program to get translated letters back and forth for us.  This will make any language difference manageable for now.
 Letters and talking on the telephone can give a person only a limited sense of who that person might be.  I need to look into a persons eyes, see their facial expressions during conversations, develop a personal trust, watch your body language, and most important feel a connection or chemistry.  To this end I assure you that my intentions are, if our correspondences go well, I will visit you, and see you beautiful country.
 I live in the United States in the town of Sebastopol, which is in the state of California. Sebastopol is a small town of about 7,000 people, (located about 15 kilometers east of the Pacific Ocean) and it is 12 kilometers from the city of Santa Rosa (population of 100,000).  It is also only about 60 kilometers north of the San Francisco bay area of several million people.  I enjoy where I live.  It is quiet and safe.  For example I never lock my house doors when I am away for a few hours or several months.  I leave keys to my car in the ignition.
 A little more about me!  Thirteen years ago I founded a private school (kindergarten to eighth grade) on my property.  For years, as the patriarch of the community, I actively worked and spent much of my time supporting the education of the children and the building of the community.  The school failed last year because of financial reasons.  However out of its ashes, we were able to create a new school with the government paying most of the expenses.  While most of the community is the same, my roll is changing, and the extent of my time and energy in the new endeavor is not completely known right now.  The school and its community has been my main source of social interactions for years now.
 I am a very affectionate man, and I hope that the russian woman in my life would be also.  Mutual physical attraction is important.  I am much more comfortable in jeans than I am in dress clothes.  I love to touch and be touched.  I receive more joy in giving than receiving.  I believe in a strong family union.  I love romance, and I believe romance can be a part of everyday life if we both let it be.  I have always been faithful in my relationships, and I am not religious.
 I enjoy many types of home activities, indoors (sewing and cooking) and outdoors (hand watering the garden, flowers and trees; hearing the children playing around my house).  I have spent much time organizing, hiking and backpacking the national parks of my country.  I have traveled many times to South and Central America.  However, it is the company I keep, the person I am involved with, that is more important to me than what I am doing.  As long as I am with someone who wants to be with me, the activity is not so important to me.  I am a one-woman-man and appreciate high moral values.
 What am I looking for? Ideally, I am looking for a non-smoker, non-drinking, self-assured woman from Russia, who knows her limitations, who is able to give herself completely, and expect the same in return.  I think if we can discover that we are compatible physically, intellectually, and spiritually, then the chances of a deep emotional connection are greatly increased, and that is what I want most of all - is to be in love with a special woman.  Characteristics that I am looking for in a woman are; intelligence, kindness, compassionate, family oriented, loving, can find joy in simple things, ambitious, but laid back too.  She enjoys intellectually stimulating conversations, and will expect communication on an equal level.  She is open-minded, a positive thinker, a listener as well as a talker. She is forgiving and patient.  I would also like a woman who also has a passion for a cause outside of the family, who will give time and energy to the larger community, to help make a small piece of the world a little better for everyone.
 Wow!  What a woman!  Does anyone like this really exist?  And if she does, why would she want to be with me?  Now my insecurities are showing!  Yes I have my share of faults and imperfections. But by now, I am aware of most of them and I do work on minimizing these faults.  Being a realistic person, I know the above woman is the "ideal" but in the end, if I was just with a woman who truly loves me for who I am, then my world would be complete.
 Your biographical matchmaking profile does not say anything about what you are looking for, what you want, need, and what you expect in an ideal life time companion.  I have so many questions I would like to ask you, which include:  a)What are the qualities of an ideal life time companion you seek, and which of these qualities do you sense from me?  b) Why are you looking for a life time companion from a foreign country?  c) Would you ever considered moving to the USA?  d) How do you feel about the differences in our ages?  Your profile does not list a maximum age you prefer, and, e) Would we be able to have a conversation in English when I come to visit?  I would hope that any reply would include a response to the above questions.
 If you choose to get to know me, you will quickly learn that I am very serious in this quests to find my life time companion, along with establishing a truly healthy relationship, and to this end I will be asking many direct and hard questions.  I truly believe that the difference between what you know and what you do not know about your partner lies in the questions you ask.  I truly believe that a relationship will flourish when the right questions are asked often and early in the relationship.  This sets a healthy foundation and pattern for the whole relationship.  I strongly feel that a safe, trusting, and loving environment has to be established, between a couple, to allow, when required, for difficult questions to be asked, answered and thoroughly discussed openly.  This safe, trusting, and loving must also allow for the expression of difficult feelings, as they arise, without the fear of intimidation and belittlement, and before these feelings are allowed to fester in to anger, distrust and the breakdown of a otherwise good relationship.  I would hope that my "other half" would be able to look at differences of opinions, expressions of feelings, and the asking of questions as an opportunity to explore an issue instead of remaining silent and ignoring issues.
 I hope you will have some questions to ask me, and I will be happy to answer anything that you might like to ask.  I promise that I will always give you a candid, complete, and an honest response and, you must know, that I will expect the same from you.  You will find my Volgograd dating personal profile "form", (which I find quite limiting), and photo in the Volgograd marriage office for you to review, at your convenience.  I would appreciate a response from you, as a courtesy, even if you do not think that I meet your standards or requirements for your life time companion. 
 I hope I have given you a sense of who I am, what I need in my life time companion search and some of the things I expect from a companion.  After all this, I hope that my words have created some interest within you.  I thank you for giving me an opportunity to get to know you.  I truly hope to hear from you.  I wish you the best in your search for your ideal life time companion.

 Thank you,

    Sebastopol, CA   United States
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  Hello, Joe,
It's interesting to read about your life. I liked your pictures. You are handsome and tall and I like such men.
it seems to me you are kind and with sense of humor, that's great.
I live with my mom. Near the house we have our swimming pool where I like to swim. In summer I like going to the seaside.
This year I finished school, but I'd like to continue my education , to learn English.
On weekends my friends and I go to discos. I am fond of dancing and listening to rhythmic music.
In future I'd like to marry a kind, caring, loving, tender man who will be my best friend.
I'd like to ask:
what are the most important things for you? What are your dreams? What are plans for future?
Would you like to come to Russia/Volgograd? it'll be great to meet with you in Volgograd.
    from Volgograd matchmaking agency with love!
Single woman Single woman 17 September 2018 07:52 Reply
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