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Svetlana, First, I must say that you are incredibly beautiful!

for Her

 First, I must say that you are incredibly beautiful!  If your heart is only half as beautiful as your face, you must be an amazing person.  At what university did you study and now work?  I also enjoy keeping fit, as you do.  I think it's important that a person take pride in appearance, however, I am not vain or conceited.  I just take pride in looking my best.  I also came from a warm, loving family.  I will tell you more about them later in my letter.  I do not smoke, but I sometimes enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner.  I do not drink often.  I'm a very responsible person.  I also enjoy nature.  I enjoy getting up very early with my son to go fishing in the summertime, when the lake is calm, smooth and quiet, listening to the birds singing and the fish jumping on the surface of the water.  I find that very peaceful and it makes me feel happy and content.  I would very much like to find an attractive, intelligent and warm-hearted woman to bring contentment for me and my son.  I very much want to have more children and build a strong, loving family.

 About me, I'm not sure where to start.  I felt a little uncomfortable about getting a membership to the website because it is a little unusual for me.  I have been single for 2 years now (my wife passed away from cancer) and it's only been about 9 months since I began to date women again.  I wanted to make sure I was ready.  I wanted to know that when I started dating again, I was doing it for the right reasons.  I have a 5 year old son to think about and every decision I make affects him.  I'm not living my life for me like I did when I was young.  He's a very special part of my life.  If I do find a special woman to spend my life with, she has to be right for him also.  I do date American women, mostly younger than I, around your age, but America woman tend to be very self-centered.  My wife, who passed away, was American, but she was from a Russian background.  Her family came to the United States when the Germans occupied the western USSR in 1940.  I definately have a special attraction to the warmth, kindness and sincerity of Russian women.  I've dated quite a lot over the past 9 months since I decided I was ready, but have not found anyone for me.  As I said before, a lot of American women tend to be very self-centered and selfish.  I had heard about websites that introduce men to Russian women before, so one night when I was on the internet, I decided to check out a few sites and got a membership to Get Married Now.  So, here I am, writing to you.  I didn't believe that I would actually get responses from anyone.  Actually, I thought it was going to be a bit of a rip-off.  I was skeptical.    But, I'm glad I did.  I was so happy to see you decided to respond to my letter.  I had read your profile and looked at your picture so many times!

 I come from a large family.  I'm the youngest of 5 children.  I have 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters.  My brother Gene is 52, sister Joyce is 48, my brother Don 44 and my sister Deborah is 40.  I was 4 when my parents divorced.  My father has passed away, but my step-father and mother have been married since I was 5.  They are very happy together and have a terrific marriage.  They are both 72 and live in a little town called Edwardsburg, Michigan, about 5 miles away from me.  I love my family very much.  I have a very large extended family.  I have 12 nieces and nephews.  Family is very important to me.  My brothers Gene and Don and my sister Joyce live fairly close to where I live, but my sister Deborah lives in New Mexico, in the southwestern United States. 

 What should I tell you about myself?  I don't want to bore you!  I graduated from high school in a little town called Buchanan, Michigan, not far from where I live now.  After school, I went to college at Michigan State University for a year before joining the United States Air Force.  While in the Air Force, I spent 2 years traveling the world with an entertainment group, playing the piano, singing and dancing.  It was a wonderful time in my life.  I was stationed in Germany the first 2 years of my Air Force service, but was rarely at my duty station.  I spent most of that time traveling and performing music.  During that 2 years, I had the opportunity to travel all over the world performing.  We performed in Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, England, Greenland, Iceland, Panama, Honduras, all over the Untied States, Japan, South Korea, the Phillipines, Guam and Hawaii.  I also got the opportunity to perform with some American celebrities like Bob Hope, Barbara Mandrell, Brooke Shields, the country music group Alabama, country musician Lee Greenwood and others.  I was very, very fortunate and lucky to have to many wonderful experiences while I was doing performing music, which I love to do.  The rest of my time in the Air Forck, I worked as an Military Intelligence Analyst.  After I got out of the Air Force, I got married and worked as a computer programmer for several companies while I was going to college.  I finished my degree in Computer Science. and continued with school and completed a degree in Business Administration.  It was difficult working full time and going to school, but I had faced so many other challenges in my life before, so I was able to perservere.  I'm a very determined, focused and driven person when I set my sights on a personal goal.  I don't quit until I reach it.  After completing school, my wife and I decided to start a family and we had our son Benjamin, who is the light of my life.  I love to write and play music.  It's my heart and soul.  It's a way of expressing what's truly inside of my heart and soul.  When I'm not working or spending time with Benjamin, I write and record music in my home recording studio I've built in the basement of my house.  That's my safe haven.  I can go into my studio and truly express myself.  I spend a lot of time writing in my studio at night after I put Benjamin to sleep.  A lot of things inpire me, but nothing more than Benjamin.  I've written many songs about him.  I travel sometimes to songwriting workshops and have mad many contacts in the music business, some who say that I have a good talent for songwriting.  I would love to make a living writing music.  That's my biggest dream.  I wouldn't have to make a lot of money doing it, although that would be nice.  There's very few feelings that match teh feeling you get when a song from your heart touches someone else's heart or moves them in some way.  That's what I live for!

 What can I say about Benjamin?  He's a wonderful, beautiful child.  He is quite a handful, but very, very bright.  He has been in school since he was 3.  He only attends 3 days per week right now until next September, when he'll start attending 5 days per week.  I was very lucky to find and hire a wonderful, loving  nanny who takes care of him during the day while I'm at work.  My parents adore him and he them.  He's very special to my father (my step-father, but the only REAL father I've ever known).  You see, my older brothers never had a son, so Benjamin is the only grandson.  So, he's special in that he will carry on our family name.  We spend a lot of time together.  I can't think of anything else I would rather do.  We go camping, swimming and fishing together in the summertime just about every weekend.  He loves airplanes, just like I used to and wants to be a pilot when he grows up.  Actually, he wants to be a Paleontologist and Pilot, he says.  That way he can fly everywhere in teh world and find Dinosaur bones.  There's something magical about a child.  They bring out so much love in a person.  I love Ben with all of my heart and want to do everything in my power to bring him up in a loving way, with a loving family.  That's one of the reasons I decided that I was ready to move on after losing my wife.  We had a terrific relationship and I wanted to honor her by not moving on with my life until I truly felt I was ready.  That's why I waited for over a year before I decided to date.  I loved her very much and wanted to make sure that when I did start dating, I was doing it for the right reasons.  I didn't want to just replace her with someone.  I wanted to honor her and my son by waiting until my heart was truly ready to find another love.  I want someone who's like me, committed to a strong relationship.  Someone with a warm heart, who's very affectionate and loving.  I'm very affectionate.  I love to make physical contact with that special person, holding hands, touching her arm when we're out together.  I'm very expressive and don't hide my affection.  I like to express it because it builds the bond between two people that way.  I want someone who is as committed to me and my son as I am to her and her children, if she has one.  I'm not afraid of a woman who has children of her own for that very reason.  She knows the love that a child can bring to her life, as I do. 

 What about you?  What do you look for in a man?  What do you like physically in a man?  Tall?  Muscular?  Shorter?  What do you look for in the personality and heart of a man?  What do you enjoy doing for fun?  What do you enjoy doing when you're relaxing?  I love to play/write music, like I said before.  I also like to do things outside in the summertime with Benjamin.  I like camping, fishing, swimming and waterskiing.  I like to go to concerts and take trips with my son to airshows, parks and museums.  I live about 1 1/2 hours (90 miles) from Chicago, so there's always someplace intersting to go.  I do like to read some, but don't get much of a chance to do it, with a 5 year old around, as you can probably understand.  He demands all of my attention!  And I love to give it to him!  I like watching movies, but don't get a chance to do that much either.

 I am very happy you decided to respond to me.  I really hope you will write back, if you feel it in your heart that you should. Hope to hear from you soon.  Ask me anything you want to know and I will tell you!  Tell me anything you want me to hear.  I would love to know you better!  If you have access to the Internet and want to hear some of the music I've recorded in my home studio and read the words to some of my original songs, go to my music website on MP3.COM sometime. 

  Hope to hear from you soon!

Granger, IN    United States
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  Hello Scott!
 My name is Svetlana, I was born 14.08.1996.
I am a student at the Voronezh Cooperative Economic-Law College. I'm going to be a commodity expert. 
 A few words about myself now:
I'm kind, tender, sensitive, sociable, with the sense of humor. I like music.
I like reading books, dancing and cooking, making my home cozy.
I adore traveling, being with my relatives and talking to interesting people.
I feel affection to animals, especially dogs.
I dream of having a puppy.
I'd like to meet a kind, tender, sensitive, sociable man with the sense of humor who loves animals and likes traveling.
I dream of meeting a man to have a friendly happy family with.
   from Voronezh dating agency.
Single woman Single woman 17 September 2018 19:25 Reply
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