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Therefore I write to find out if you may be interested in me and will talk with me on the telephone.

for Her

Hello & Greetings, I would like to introduce myself & tell you about myself and see if you may be interested in me.
My name is Joey, or formally Joseph Andersson.
I have personally picked out your profile, which I found to be very attractive from what little is told about you. Therefore I write to find out if you may be interested in me & will talk with me on the telephone. If needed, I have my own translator available to me to talk with you.
Of course being able to speak English yourself is the best possibility, but should not become an obstacle if you do not. I shall now tell you about me so you can decide if you find me interesting and would like to continue corresponding with me. I seek marriage, Partnership, Family, Friendship, Peace, and harmony. I am 39 years old, I think 174 cm's tall, 5'8" in english measure, 71 kilo's, athletic build, Dark Brown Hair, Blues eyes, and probably the youngest 39 year old in my country (consider my photo's). My friends are of all ages from 18 to 60, and they all love to come to my parties :-) I like to dance in the Disco's, clubs, party, socialize, with balance of responsibility and sensibility. I like to adventure, different places, different environments, outdoors and amusement parks. In sports I like to play most, love to watch only ice hockey, love to swim, play tennis, billiards, riding horses, and of course the Jacuzzi.
Indoors I like dining, and dancing to include drinks in the pub.
I am open minded, love humor, humorous myself - that's why my friends come to my parties :-), know my wife and family are the most important things in life, and then next having time & fun together :-) I want to do adventures like rafting on fast water and hiking the grand canyon.
I am a Libra astrologically, extremely romantic, passionate, emotional, caring, fair, and compassionate.
I am honest, a person of my word and of truth. I do not like liars, betrayers, and cheaters.
In career I am a successful and have what we call vested or recurring income. It gives me lots of time to be with my beloved and family. It also gives me the time to come overseas and spend time with my prospective wife there in her country - getting to really know each other in combination with our being able to really be together.
I look for a woman who wants a happy family, loving husband, and time to be with that family :-)
She should have her own dreams, adventures she wants, and know who she is and what she wants. Most of my dreams have come true, adventures many not few, and I still have a dream, could it be you?
If you think we may be compatible and could build a strong trusting love, relationship, and family, please contact me with what your dreams and wants are, and lets see if we can share them together in the near future.
Sincerely, Joey :-)

Tucson, Arizona
pix from Joseph (Tucson, Arizona USA)photo from Joseph (Tucson, Arizona USA)PS: I intend to come to the Ekaterinburg, Russia in December, latest January if I have found the person to meet and be with for at least 3 weeks during that trip, and to be with during the trips to follow while awaiting Visa papers and to get married in America. Also please ask what questions you want – I hope to hear from you - bye for now - Joey
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Hello, Joseph!
What happened? Why don't you reply my letter? I feel worried.  If you don't feel like talking to me any more, will you, please, send me your picture as a keepsake at least?   I'm sorry for my reply was not in time, I work much, have no days off, moreover, I fell ill. If you feel like keeping corresponding with me, let me know. 
How was your trip to your father's? 
Did you play golf and who won?
Write to me, please.
your friend Irina
from Ekaterinburg

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 10:52 Reply
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