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If any of you are absolutely not interested in becoming my wife, then please do respond stating this fact so that our time will not be wasted.

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Hello to all you beautiful women from Mogilev!

I am writing this to all of you that I have selected as my "Favorites". If any of you are absolutely not interested in becoming my wife, then please do respond stating this fact so that our time will not be wasted. I know that a few of you have already initiated contact with me and I encourage you to e-mail me again. I was unaware as to how to respond and thought that I had to do so through the companies "Dating E-mail Express". Please forgive my ignorance.
OK. A little about myself.
Feel free to write or call. The best time to call is 7AM- 10 AM California time. Right now I work nights so I will be asleep after 10AM. Also I have no idea how to dial internationally. Please keep this in mind when leaving your phone number.
I was born on December 19th, 1978. That makes me a Sagittarius. I am 40 years old but obviously for only about another month. I work in Law Enforcement as a Correctional Officer inside what is probably the second most violent prison in California. I have been in this line of work for about a year and a half. You may be thinking that this is a dangerous profession. I assure you that it is not. I intend to stay in this profession until I retire. The pay is excellent. I have had to develop some strong people skills in oreder to deal with prisoners. I can tell you some amazing stories.
In the past, I have worked as a technician in the Office Equipment Industry. I have worked in restaurants, and in the automotive repair field and construction. As a result of these past experiences, I can build or repair almost anything.
I am using my previously learned skills to purchase and maintain my own real estate (houses). I own 2 already and my goal is to purchase 8 more before I retire. Real estate is a excellent method of gaining wealth and in conjunction with other financial investments, should allow me to retire at age 50. I want to retire relatively young because there is so much out there in life than can be enjoyed, but it all takes time. Time that is spent on the job is not time that can be spent with friends and family and seeing new places, which is what I truly desire.
I am divorced with no children. My ex-wife discovered, after we were divorced, that she can never have children and never could have. She wanted a lifestyle that was a bit faster paced than what I enjoyed.. She enjoyed nightclubs and I do not. I believe she left out of boredom and nothing else. I did learn that I needed to pay more attention to my wife, whomever it may be.
This is what I want for a wife. I want a wife that is younger than myself but mature. She will need to be satisfied with being a housewife and taking care of the children. As I have stated earlier, I will not tolerate the need for a night life. I believe it leads to infidelity. That does not mean that it will be a boring existence. I will explain more of what I find entertaining later. I am sure you will enjoy it as well. My wife will also have to share my same goals, both financial and family goals. I have already stated my financial goals. As for family goals, I want to have at least one child, possibly more. The child could be your already existing child. That would be a fine situation.
Now for my interests. My most favorite thing to do is cook dinner for my friends. I will do this at their house or mine, which ever is convenient for them. I absolutely enjoy the socialization and I require it because I live alone. I enjoy going to dinner at restaurants and then going to a movie or the theatre. I like to fish. In fact I am going fishing as soon as I finish this letter. The fishing in this area is fabulous. There are so many lakes and streams for fishing and swimming. They are all full of trout. Big trout!! Sometimes 4 pound trout. I enjoy bicycle riding and once did a 300 mile trip in 4 days. I own firearms and enjoy shooting. I enjoy working on my houses. The house I am in now needs a partial foundation, it needs the kitchen and bathrooms remodeled. All of it is functional right now just out of date and ugly. It could sure use a woman's touch.
OK. I think that is enough for now and I have given the translators more work than they want.

So I look forward to hearing from you.
Feel free to ask any questions.
And forgive my poor grammar blush

   Susanville, California

photo from David Susanville, Californiafoto from David Susanville, Californiapix from David Susanville, California

Hello, David!
  Some words about  myself. I work as an accountant in financial  organization, I am 30, I live in town Mogilev that is in the east of  Byelorussia, i  bring up a daughter, she is 6. My work takes  much time from me, I come back home in the evening, I  pay  my  spare time to my daughter, in autumn  she will go to school.
 I like reading, listening to music. 
Please write more about yourself, your life, family.
 Bye for now. I wish  you all the best. If you have  questions  ask me and I'll answer with pleasure.

    from Mogilev dating agency, Byelorussia
Lady Natalia from Mogilev matchmaking agency, Byelorussia
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