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My name is Kirt. I am pleased to meet you, or to at least have the opportunity to write you.

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Hi Olga,

My name is Kirt.  I am pleased to meet you, or to at least have the opportunity to write you.  I live in Houston, Texas, USA.  I was born in Texas and have always worked in Texas, so I have not traveled the world very much.  I did spend two years in London when I was very young, and I have traveled on vacation to various places in the Caribbean to go scuba diving or windsurfing, but I have not been to Russia.   Maybe I will have a good reason to visit some day. 

Olga have you always lived in Ufa?  Is Ufa a large city?  Have you been using this Ufa's dating service very long?  I actually have not done this before, and I am a bit skeptical about how it will all work out, but if two people half-a-world apart can find their soul mate, then it will certainly be worth every effort.  Have you previously had the chance to have true love?  I was lucky to have found my soul mate once, but events beyond our control kept us apart.  I hope to be lucky one more time.

I want you to know that I think you are an attractive woman.  You have an absolutely beautiful smile, which I saw in the "Ufa marriage agency" website.  What kind of a teacher are you and where did you go for your education?  I have been lucky to have always had a good job, and save money, but I have had to work considerably more than I ever thought I would just to get ahead and stay there.  Have you been able to find constant work in your profession?

Do you enjoy exercising or do you have the chance to play any kind of sports?  You look like you are in good shape - do you ever workout, jog, play tennis or do anything physical?

Olga, I am a very positive person, who is very passionate, tolerant, independent, stable, and humorous.  Also, I love to do physical things when I am not working (which I do too much of - I am a chemical engineer working in petroleum reservoir engineering).  I like to jog in the Houston parks to relieve the work stress.  I enjoy kick-boxing classes on weekends, and I have always liked martial arts and want to get back into it at some time - I earned a blue belt in Tae-Kwon-Do 15 years ago.  I enjoy going to the Caribbean in the summer, and snow skiing in the winter.  I also not only enjoy dancing, but I am very good at it.  Despite all of the things I like to do, I believe there are two reasons why I have not been able to meet very many American woman.  I believe the first reason I have not found an American woman is because being a big and tall man in America is considered very desirable, regardless of any other factors.  I am in excellent physical shape and I am intelligent and very dependable, but unfortunately I am not tall.  I am only five feet four inches (163 cm) tall, which is short for a man by most American standards.  I realize that most women prefer tall men, and that is okay with me, because I also have preferences - there are too many women in America who are overweight and don't try to take care of themselves (this is the second reason why I have not been able to find my soul mate).  I am looking for a lady with class and elegance who is near my height, and not overweight.  There are lots of young girls who are petite, but I am looking for a mature woman and quite honestly finding a slender woman who is older than 30 years old and has a polished appearance has been hard for me to find.  By the way, I just turned 43 years old last month. 

So now you know quite a bit about me - if you have an interest and want to know more about me, than let me know.  If you are looking for something else in life, that is certainly okay and I wish you the very best.

Hope to hear from you. Sorry that I do not know what my member number is - hope you can it with no problem.



P.S. If you are interested, you can write, email, or call.

Kirt Keel
Houston, Texas USA
Photo from Kirt    -    Houston, Texas USApics from Kirt (Houston, Texas USA)pix from Kirt -=Houston, Texas USA=-
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Hi Kirt.

I am always feel wonderfull when I have your letter.
sorry for being late with the reply. so mcuh work.

I go to theater tomorow to see balet . Do you know Moscow is nice city but
there are a lot of people here and very noise.

I wait when I see you .

wish to have very nice day

always your
Olga from Ufa
Guest Guest 25 July 2018 14:23 Reply
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