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I have spoke to some women on the internet and I have yet to find that someone special.

for Her

Hello, Vera. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shawn and I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I graduated college with a degree in Information Systems. That was about 13 years ago. Information Systems is computer programming. I worked in that field for 4 years and found  that I did not like it. I do not like working in an office. I need to be outdoors.

Now I work for a company called Canadian Pacific Railway. They are one of the largest and oldest companies in Canada. I am not rich. I make a middle class income. This level of income is the most common in Canada. Most people are of the middle class. Middle class allows a person to own a home, a car and some of the nicer things in life. But it does not allow a person to be foolish with their money.

I have spoke to some women on the internet and I have yet to find that someone special. Maybe you are her. I have also studied what the laws are in Canada for immigration, so if you have any questions, I probably have the answer. I will tell you upfront that it is not as easy as you may think.

I'm 34 years old. My birthday is August 30. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I am 180 cm tall and I'm slim. I've been told many times that I would be a good father. I have patience and I can act like a child when I want to.

I listen to most types of music but I prefer older rock 'n roll. My computer has the music from about 25 different artists. I consider it good music.

I go through times in my life when I read a lot then I stop. When I find a topic I'm interested in I will read all about it. For example, I was interested in the history of world war II, so I went and read all I could about it.

I don't consider myself in great physical condition, but I have found that the average person cannot keep up with me. I need a woman who is at least in average condition. Someone who can ride a bike all day.

I like to travel too. When I was younger I traveled all the time. Now not so much. I have seen all of Canada and most of the united states. I spent 6 months in Europe and visited many places. I found Europe very different than Canada. The density of the population is much higher there than here. I found Europe very busy. There were always people coming and going. Here it is easy to find an open space for yourself. Where you can sit and watch the animals or the sunset.

I like traveling on foot or on bike because you can see much more. Traveling by car is too fast and you can miss the details of the area you are traveling in. It's the little details that make nature so interesting. I like to take the bike in the car to a park then ride around the park. I dream that one day my wife will be with me and we can ride together. We will find a nice place to stop and have a picnic.

I do not want to be alone in the world. Actually, I'm not. I have my work and my friends. What I don't have is my own family. This has become very important to me the last year or so. I want to enjoy all a family has to offer. My future wife must be down-to-earth. That is, relaxed. I do not want a person who has many dramas in their life. I find people like that too stressful and I won't allow them into my life. My future wife must be my best friend. Someone who shares common goals and beliefs. Someone who places family first. I believe most people do not try hard enough to overcome problems in the marriage. If there is trust in the marriage, any problem can be solved. I think one of the most exciting elements in a relationship is when there is full trust.

I believe the family is one whole. The whole is made up of individual parts. I think the two people need their own lives. I believe this makes a relationship stronger because it builds trust. It also makes for more interesting conversation. Like I said my wife must be my best friend. A best friend is someone you can depend on when life is difficult. A best friend is someone you can cry with, someone you can get mad at, and someone to laugh with. A best friend is there to celebrate good times in life. A best friend listens. My future wife, best friend, will find in me a stable man. I have enough life experience to understand my limits. I know what is right and what is wrong and I have a view of how I want my life to be. I'm realistic. I don't dream like a young adult anymore. I know my place in this world. I just want to make it better. Lately, I've been thinking about "Quality of life". I want to improve my life. My family will be first in priorities. Second will be the individual. It is the individual who will make life interesting. The individual builds the trust into the family.

Do I make any sense to you?

I live in a flat right now. I do not see the point of having a house for myself. I keep very few material possessions. I have what I need and a few things of what I want. When I finally have a family I will buy a home. I have the down payment for a house already in the bank.

Where I live is considered the prairies. A lot of farmers grow grain here. The mountains are a 3 hour drive from here. I would prefer to live closer to the mountains in the country. Right now my employment keeps me here. I will be moving as soon as my employment allows me to. I hope you like mountains. The sea is quite far from here.

Bad habits. When I was younger I was quite wild. I had many bad habits. As I matured I realized I had to cut these bad habits out of my life to be happier. I have done that. The worst habit I have now is social drinking. I do not drink very much but I will have a few drinks at a party or a glass of wine or two at dinner. I do not have any problems with alcohol abuse. I do not do drugs and I don't like people who do. I experimented with drugs when I was a teenager as did a lot of people at that time. I have not touched any type of drug for at least 15 years. Sure I may take an aspirin for headache. I really dislike smokers because I did smoke when I was young. I probably dislike smokers more than people who have never smoked.

As you can see, I'm honest. I'm not perfect. I was quite wild when I was young. Now I am very relaxed.

My dream woman would be my best friend. My best friend who is my wonderful lover. She must be slim and be able to keep up with me on my bike. She has long dark hair. I like long hair. She must be relaxed with no dramas in her life. She must be strong emotionally and confident sexually. Most of all she will be my best friend.

I hope you find what I have written interesting. Please tell me about yourself and your dreams and wishes.

Looking forward to your reply,

Edmonton, Alberta
photo from Shawn(Edmonton, Alberta  Canada)picture from Shawn(Edmonton, Alberta  Canada)
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Hello Shawn!
I was ill, but not as seriously as you.
What is the weather like where you are now? I can't wait to see nature
blooming. I love flowers. I would like to meet you on my birthday on April
11th. How is your sister? I don't drink. I may have some beer on occasion.
How was your weekend? I went to play some billiards with my friend.
How do you spend your free time? What do you think of me? It's something
that I am eager to know.
I hope to hear from you soon.
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Guest Guest 7 August 2018 17:19 Reply
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