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I love to travel where there are Russian-speaking women. I have been to Ukraine four times.

for Her


My name is Robert.  I lead an active lifestyle.  I like physical activity: jogging, swimming, scuba diving and skiing.  And I like to disco!  I love to travel where there are Russian-speaking women.  I have been to Ukraine four times.  My last name is Russian and I can speak and understand just a little Russian.  But reading and writing Russian is much easier for me.  I can read and write Russian E-mail without the help of translation.  If you wish to write to me in Russian it is not a problem for me, but do send it to me as a MS Word attachment to preserve the Cyrillic fonts.  I will understand you!  For me Russian is the language of love.  It is an incredibly deep and beautiful language.

But love is powerful and love is what makes the world go around.  But I confess I have had too many girlfriends and now I want to get married and make a family for my 2 and a half-year-old son.  He is my only child and my only family.  I have full custody of my son and I must be both a father and mother to him.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed by this responsibility.  A child needs both a mother and a father.  And a father needs a wife to help him!

And I must confess another problem.  I have had three previous fiancees, all from Ukraine.  All three of them had young sons about the same age as my son.  And unfortunately I had the same problem with each of these wonderful fiancees whom I loved.  They could not leave Ukraine with their children because of problems with their former husbands.

So I feel I must look for girls without children.  But if I married a girl without a child I would want us to have at least one more child in addition to my son.

I was trained in school as a psychologist.  But I left that field and became a financial investor.  I make investment decisions for millions of dollars.

I confess I like young attractive women.  I must have a young wife with a lot of energy because I like physical activity and she is going to have to keep up with me.  Also keeping up with a toddler requires a great deal of energy!

 But I am not looking for a nanny; I am looking for a lover.  I believe in love and believe that love is what holds families together and makes life interesting.  So I would like a very romantic wife with a strong dedication to family.  I want to treat her as my queen and I want her to treat me as king.  I also want someone who likes to laugh because life should be fun.

Robert Burani
Reno, NV    United States
My house with snowpuppy
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Hello Robert !
Thank you for your letter! Our greeting from Kherson! I hope you can still
remember such city :0)
 Olya and I are doing well. Olya is having her holidays, I keep working. And
how are you doing, Robert?
Give our best regards to your parents. Our best wishes to them!
I wish you, Robert, to have a good time and stay in an excellent mood.
We went to the park on the holiday, took a long walk. The weather was very
nice on March 8th.
Our best wishes to you!
Have a nice day!
Sincerely, Alyona
"Kherson single girl"
Guest Guest 7 August 2018 17:13 Reply
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