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Hello, many greetings from sunny West-Germany! My name is Robert

for Her


many greetings from sunny West-Germany!

My name is Robert L., and recently I have become member of Mykolaiv Marriage Agency. Amazing: Without clicking through many pages, I instanly landed on your dating  profile !

You seem to be an interesting person. Would you like to start a romantic e-Mail contact with me? It is because the words we write, show how we are inside ...

When I saw your telephone no., I wanted to call you, but decided to write first (and ask if you agree).

Anytime, you can see my profile (and foto) at the Mykolaiv office. Here is my basic profile:

I am born on 29.06. 1967.
Height 1,86 m
Weight 74kg.
I work as junior copy-writer for a worldwide advertising compay, which is also active in Russia.

Russia is a beautiful country, and I would like to visit many places and castles. Yes, it would be a wonderful experience for me, to meet all your friends and family.
Write me! A simple e-Mail is okay.

If you like, we just stay brief friends and exchange some of our life-experience if you want?
Could you show me around in your Mykolaiv city, when I come for a short visit?

I have traveled to many places in this world. Now, you should travel! Really: You should come and see the great possibilities in the West. I live in Germany`s fashion- and media-capital (Duesseldorf and Cologne).
I am romantic, kind, humorous, individualist and I like children, and will build a wonderful home for my family in future.
People say I am a gentlemen and have pretty eyes. I really love nature, outdoor-activities, healthy life, vegetarian cooking, cinema, musicals, ballet, shopping, reading books. I am curious, so I can also simply adapt to the intrests of my partner: The Right One.


Europe is a wonderful place for a talented couple. Are you brave? Lets put our talent together, for a great new future!

So I am waiting for your reply.

Kindly regards,

Robert L.
Duesseldorf and Cologne

P.S. I'm sending you photos from my last trip
photos from my last tripphotos from my last tripphotos from my last trip
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Hello, This is Robert member of "Mykolaiv Marriage Agency" or Ukrainian dating profile base. Thank you for your letter and please share my profile and email to whom you think my be a good match for me... use my email... thank you.. Robert
Guest Guest 25 July 2018 15:51 Reply
  Hello Robert!
My  name is  Tatiana, I was born 19.09.1992, and live in town Nikolaev in the south of  Ukraine, I work as an economist
i have got a daughter  by  name  Mariya, she is 6, in September  she will  go to school.
 My friends  say  that I am  kind, calm and  reliable.
I am a romantic  person, I like  poems,  flowers, supper  in candles, walking  under the  moon.
I like  nature , especially   the sea.
 My hobbies are  sewing  and  knitting.
 I like  listening to    calm and  beautiful  music.
 In my spare time I read  books in general novels and detectives, watch  TV.
 I want to find  my the only and  loving american man, my second  half.
 Hope  to meet  a good  foreign man, who  will be  reliable, generous  and in good  shape, tender, who  will
love, respect and  understand  me.
 I would like to see  him a good  friend  and  father  to  my daughter.
    from Nikolaev matchmaking agency, south Ukraine.
Single woman Single woman 16 September 2018 09:16 Reply
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