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I would like to find a girlfriend special with high moral standards and utmost loyalty, someone who has a good heart.

for Her

I'm Buğra,  a most friendly person you may ever know.
I would like to find a girlfriend special with high moral standards and utmost loyalty, someone who has a good heart. If I believe I have found the right person I will get married.
I'm 31, my horoscope sign is scorpio I look much younger because I neither smoke nor drink and I'm cheerful by nature and care about my health. My mother and brother  live in Istanbul, but I teach English at Ataturk University in Erzurum, Turkey (one of the best countries in the world, but believe me the best is where one's lover is) Here is some info about Turkey: If you are interested there are some sites about Turkey: www.mfa.gov.tr,
some career sites: www.tekadres.com.tr, www.yenibir.com.tr,
educational: www.yok.gov.tr, www.bosphorus.edu.tr
Turkey is beatiful.  My next goal regarding my career, which I consider important in a balanced way, is studying for a doctoral degree, into which I've been accepted at Ataturk University, Erzurum. Having had MA in English literature education I consider education, career & self improvement very important,but not too much. Peace one shares with family, relatives and special friends is essential. To start communication, I must know you better.
I have a very good personality. I'm kind, loyal, cheerful, active, sociable, family-oriented, sensitive, caring,  as well as easy going & humble. I have high moral standards but of course I don't mean bigotry by them. It will be great if I ind a compatible person.  The most important thing for me is to have a caring, merry, loyal, faithful, cheerful, family oriented and hardworking partner with good manners. We must share everything, be beside and support each other in both good and bad times.
My most important consideration is marriage. I want to have my own family. I belive in friendship. Friendship must be the foundation of a marriage. It  must be decided very wisely, of course there is no point in rushing myself into a bad marriage.
The joy of raising children would bring joy to my soulmate and me.
What I want is to have a great family life with true love and loyalty and financial security   I think I should write something about my family, I have a great family. My mum (very good at music) and brother are very cheerful, friendly , easy going, caring and hospitable.  
I work in Ataturk University as a teacher of English language for several years. There are great skiing facilities and atmosphere (snow quality is very good,too) there, luxury hotels frequented by mostly the Russian and the Dutch.
 I consider myself a lover of fine arts. For instance, I go to concerts of distinguished artists, ballets, operas, theaters, movies, visit art exhibitions.  I also like nature. One of my favourites is joining boat tours in the Bosphorous, and eating or drinking with a view to th Bosphorus, which is one of the most romantic sights of Istanbul, one of the culturally, historically, socially, artistically and economically richest cities in the world.
I like skiing, swimming and walking. I am sure of reading's value. Knowing other nations is a must for us, we as human beings should know each other. I listen to classical and modern music . I can't help dancing to very good music. When I study I prefer light classical music.
The depths and heights of clasical music is so moving, while listening to it, holding my lover's hand would be very romantic. The enthusiasm of pop, rock or electronic music would be a dreamy and energetic beauty, too, living the joy of the moment.
I love romance. I have wonderful imagination and openmindedness with reliability.
Istanbul is a magnificient city in the universe for 'some' people. I'd like her to give me a hand to walk the ways of life with the 'we' spirit.
  Religions may be different. I'm a very open minded and open hearted person. I believe in love, peace, respect, inspiration and God's bless. I know God is the most merciful and the most protective. God's house is the believer's heart. Moreover, Turkish State is a secular state.
Turkey is an excellent example of harmony of religions.
I  believe we should forgive our mistakes. Tolerance is a virtue; it  means one is a strong person. However don't let anyone misuse or abuse it. People should love themselves and each other conciously, educatedly,and with their mind and heart together in harmony, too.
I wonder what you think of the above and what's your point of view for life is.

I will appreciate your answer,

Erzurum, Turkey
I am swimming in the pool
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Hello Bugra!
I was glad to hear from you.
I am fine. I have much work to do now + taking care about my children. They
are having their school holidays now. They're enjoying much free time. The
weather is fine and they go cycling much. WE take walks down the wood, feed
squirrels. My sons love feeding them.
I can't speak English or Turkish, but I'd like to master it.
Well, that is all news from me.
I will be waiting for your letter.
With best wishes,
Gomel, "Belarus dating agency"
Guest Guest 7 August 2018 16:52 Reply
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