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I am a very multifaceted person and enjoy a good intellectual discussion once in a while.

for Her

My Dear...
I live in Grand Island, Nebraska, a town of about forty thousand people. I am in the real-estate business and the future looks very good here. I have been divorced for seven years now and feel that it is time to get married again. I have two teenage girls and one 10 year old son, they live with their Mom and visit's with me on weekends and holidays.
During my spare time I like to travel to different parts of the United States. I also like to go to concerts, theaters, museums, art galleries. I love art and music and can spend a lot of time enjoying them. I play the guitar, enjoy photography, boating, raising and training horses.
I am financially stable, don't smoke or drink, out-going and love to have fun. I am very giving and enjoy doing special things for those close to me. I am confident, strong secure, easy going and laid back, I don't get upset over little things. I like to dress up and go out to dinner a lot, I am in good physical and emotional condition and I value honesty and integrity in myself and others. I am a very multifaceted person and enjoy a good intellectual discussion once in a while. I am very flexible, understanding, forgiving, and kind. I have a spiritual side to me that believes in a God above who really cares. I derives a great deal of joy from the beauty of nature, whether it be spending time at the seashore, the country or skiing down a mountain slope or just an unexpected jaunt to a tropical island. I like the sophistication of the big cities, and can also appreciate the down to earth, country and home life. I am a lover of simple pleasures as well as extravagant ones. I believe that life is a journey and not a race, we need to slow down and love more and appreciate life more. I am also a very passionate, romantic, warm, and caring man who has a love of learning, exploring and trying new things and ways of doing things.
What I would like now is to meet a very special Ukraine lady that I can share life with.
A lady who values life, family and home. A lady who is very warm and caring, who loves to give as much as receive in a relationship, someone very passionate, honest and sincere. A lady who has taken her lessons of life with grace, still has hope for the future and hasn't lost her ability to laugh and love. A lady with a positive attitude, enthusiastic about life, trustworthy, optimistic, friendly and open minded.
Well, I hope that I haven't scared you off by now. I really am easy to get along with and to please.
Please tell me what really moves you, what drive's you, what is really in your heart and soul and why you feel that way. Thank you my Dear and may God Bless You and your family.
Grand Island, Nebraska USA
I like raising and training horses.
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Dear Datin office manager,
I was wondering what is the best way to get to your location? What airline should I use that will get me to the close's location to you? And what airport and city should I fly into if I should decide to come?  Also instead of coming over there to meet my ukrainian friend, can I buy her a plane ticket to come to see me?
 Thank you
Kevin T.

P.S. How do I get to my dating profile to update it.  Is there a  place where I go to to see if I get any replies on my profile. 

Man Man 28 July 2018 10:30 Reply
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