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But the most important thing, why you can read that from me, I am looking for my second half now.

for Her

Hello beautiful lady,

my name is Dirk and I am a 41 year old man from Germany. By browsing through the catalogue your photo and bio catched my attention. Let me took that opportunity to introduce myself a little bit.
I have a height of 175 cm and a weight of 79 kg. My education is higher. I studied economics on the university, but I didn't finish. Currently I work as a programmer in an italian bank in Frankfurt, which is the financial center in my country. I live in a small suburb of a town aproximately 60 km north of Frankfurt were I also grew up and went to university. In my rare free time I play table tennis, like to bike and hike and am a big football and basketball fan. (so at the moment the football championships in Russia get a lot of my attention). Besides sport I like to read(especially historical novels, some politics, and a lot of newspapers), listen to the music (pop music, sometimes also hard rock) and a big thing for me is travelling, as usually I always take the opportunities in my holidays to travel to different countries.
Due to the above fact and that I also need some English on my job, my knowledge of English is quite well, but unfortenately I have no knowledge of russian.
I am a non-smoker and a social drinker. For my characterristics I would say that I am well balanced, easy going man, who is hard working, sincere, honest, faithful and not a big talkative man.
So that's in short some facts about me.
But the most important thing, why you can read that from me, I am looking for my second half now. During the past the focus for me was the career in my job and also my independence was a high value for me. So I was never married and have no children. But things chance.
I am quite satisfied with my career and the highest value for me is now to start up with a family. I am eagerly trying to find my second half now, and maybe this short letter could be the beginning.
So if you like to find out a little bit more about me I would be very happy to get an reply from you.

Sincerely yours


Heuchelheim, Germany

P.S. I recently visited London, I send photos to you.

I recently visited London, I send photos to you.London visitLondon
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Hello, Dirk!
Thank you for your letter and pictures from London. I've just got back from the Crimea. I went to visit my grandfather and my ukrainian granny. There weather in the Crimea was warm, but here, in Kazan, it's rather cold. I'm leaving for Moscow on December 11th, I'm going to stay there long enough (till summer). So, our correspondence won't be as often as it used to be. I'll try to find some way to keep corresponding with you and if it is O.K. with you, I'll be glad to keep on our talking.
I was present at my friend's wedding ceremony last week. There was much fun.
Well, I hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely, Nataliya
Kazan, Tatarstan

Guest Guest 28 July 2018 20:38 Reply
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