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Divorce will not be an option for me, and therefore not for my future wife from Nizhny Novgorod!

for Her

Hello, this is Scott.
Please allow me to introduce myself! I noticed your profile on the Nizhny Novgorod dating website and thought I would send you a note! Your photo and information captured my attention and I hope to get to know you better!?!  ;)

Do you like physical activity, going for fitness too? I think it is important to keep one's body in shape. I want my wife to still be attracted to me, many years from now!! Far from everything, but the physical side of a relationship (chemistry/attraction) is very important. I enjoy jogging, visiting the gym, and participating in several sports activities. I would much prefer a mate that shares a similar outlook.

Do you want children? How many would you like to have? I am ready to have my own family, and think two or possibly three children would be a good size. What do you think?

I want to find that special person that I will share the rest of my life with! Divorce will not be an option for me, and therefore not for my future wife from Nizhny Novgorod! Family is very important to me, and I very much look forward to being a loving husband and father. I have much love inside that is ready to get out┘ so I'm searching for the one that will receive it! I can see a warm home full of love and laughter in the future. I firmly believe that when two people build dreams together, everything you do is in harmony with the other. If you're both working toward the same goal there will be little room for disagreement. With proper communication, a couple can be an unstoppable team. Anything can be achieved when you focus on what you want your life to be like. I think of marriage as a partnership, where you constantly consult the other, present ideas to each other and mutually discuss what is best for the two of you. That said, according to God's word, the man is the head of the household and the man should set the direction for the family. I think this can be the case AND still be able to discuss issues as a couple, and figure out how to support that direction/goal together. Do you agree? I think honesty, mutual respect, displayed love and affection, consideration, and open communication are the foundation of a successful relationship.

Some of the characteristics that I offer and am looking for in a mate are.. kind, faithful, tender, loving, romantic, sensual and sexual, considerate, humorous (playful), adventurous, active/energetic.. Do you think we would compliment each other? What are your favorite activities? How do you prefer to spend your time? What does your family think of you looking for a mate so far from home? Do you have brothers/sisters? Do you see your family frequently?

A bit about me┘ I was born in a very small northern Minnesota town on 29 October 1974. That makes me a Scorpio by the zodiac, and I would have to agree with most of the characteristics that are associated with this sign. I have four older brothers, which are all married and have children. In fact, I have 13 nieces and nephews! I greatly enjoy spending time with them, but unfortunately only see them one or two times each year since we live so far apart.

I served my country in the Army National Guard for 20 years, retiring last November. This included a tour in Kosovo from Dec 1999-Aug 2000.  I was a Public Affairs officer for the last 5 years, working with International Media (print, TV, radio journalists) and managing a team of photo journalists and broadcast (TV) journalists. I think it's a good time to be OUT of the military, with everything going on in the world today!

I travel a bit for work right now as I'm a technical sales representative selling non-destructive test equipment such as X-ray, Ultrasonics and others. My territory is south Texas and Louisiana so am driving several days each month. I am also building an E-Commerce business part-time. The goal is that within several more months, that business will be generating enough income that I will not have to continue with my current full-time position. The main purpose for this, is so that I do not have so much travel and can spend much more time at home with my (future) russian wife and family!  

I should go for now┘ But I will look forward to your letter!

With Warmest Regards,

HOUSTON, TX   United States

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Hello tender Scott!
I just want to thank you for the wonderful flowers. I can't help admiring
you and you can't stop surprising me. Thank you very much for the happy
moments you give me. I am real glad to have met the man who can make a
woman happy. You make me happy!
I'm looking forward to your amazing letter full of warm words.
With deep tenderness,
Nizhny Novgorod
Guest Guest 7 August 2018 16:35 Reply
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