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I work as a computer consultant for a big computer software firm in the state capital of Saint Paul.

for Her

My name is Steve.  I live in Minneapolis Minnesota located in the upper Midwest of the United States.  Minneapolis is the biggest city between Chicago and Seattle.  We get the full array of weather here from really hot summers to very cold winters.  The change of seasons is wonderful to see.
I work as a computer consultant for a big computer software firm in the state capital of Saint Paul.  I've been in the computer field for about 12 years, so I'm well established. 
I have a nine year old son named Christopher, or Chris, and he's a wonderful kid.  He is very smart in math, reading, and science.   The two of us like to watch and play baseball, and I'm often the one with all the neighborhood kids playing ball.  I guess you can call be a big kid.
I like watching baseball, football, and sometimes basketball.  I enjoy movies, stage theater,  comedy (which I have taken lessons for in the past), and going out for dinner (since I don't cook very well).  I play guitar, and like to sing (even if I'm not that good).    I'm always quick with a joke, and am a pretty easy going person.  I'm very loyal to my friends, and I am very careful about who I choose as my friends.  I like to have fun, and try to make every day fun in one way or another.  I still take serious things very seriously, and always keep things in perceptive. 
I fill my spare time with many community activities.  I'm very active in Chris's school working with the committee that runs the school, working with the local government officials on various issues and work on their campaigns for office, and various other activities.
I have a very full and happy life.  The major thing that is missing is someone to share it with.  I look forward to getting to know you better, and maybe we can fill some voids together.  I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Minneapolis, MN 55418 United States
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Steve , hello!
Thank you for your letter.
As for myself I am very emotional person. I like  noise companies and merry parties and trips. But sometimes it's better to stay  in darkness listening to music or reading  a book.
I dream  to meet a man with such streaks as kindness, sense of humor. His appearance doesn't matter for me. The main is my love to him. I don't want to set his spare time. I will respect  his interests but he should mine too. 
I like tourism very much. Every summer during my holidays I try to go somewhere. Unfortunately I have no such an opportunity to go abroad   but there are many interesting places in Russia/Ukraine. I like water very much-  perhaps it' s the influence of my name -Marina.
I like studying, it's very amazing to learn something new!
Tell me about  the place you live in. How do you spend your free time?
I hope to hear form you soon. With best wishes.
Marina from Omsk
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Danald Matan

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