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I am now ready for commitment and marriage, but have not found the right woman.

for Her

Hello to romantic Perm Ladies!
        As I write this letter the weather outside is cold and rainy, but my spirit is positive with the thought of someday meeting you.  I saw your photo and bio on the internet.  It is my understanding that the women who submit their application are serious about wanting to move to the United States and marry an American man.  I hope this is your intention.

        I was married at age 39, but widowed at age 43.  To be forthright with you, I am now ready for commitment and marriage, but have not found the right woman.  I hope to be married sometime during 2018.  Unfortunately, I have become disenchanted with the haphazard process of meeting women in America.  The timing just never seems to be right.

        When I told my friends I wanted to meet and someday marry a Russian woman they laughed.  But their laughter has not lessened my desire to contact and establish communication with you.  I have spent many nights looking at over 3,000 pictures and descriptions of Russian woman and decided to write you for several reasons:
1. I believe we would physically fit together, making a good looking couple as we walk hand in hand down the road of life.  
2. You have a classic face that could only become more beautiful as you grow older.  The thought of waking up every morning and seeing your pretty face, warms my heart.  In short, I would be honored to go anywhere with you on my arm.
3. I have typically dated and always wanted to marry a younger woman to match my young spirit.  I am 43 years old (born January 13, 1975), but most people guess me to be in my late 20's.  
        There are obviously many additional qualities important to lasting relationships, which I hope we can discuss through letters.  I will endeavor to keep this letter brief, but want to tell you enough about myself so you can determine whether we are a good match.


        Probably financial security is important to you, should you leave your home and support base.  Therefore I should tell you that by American standards, I am not a rich man.  But neither am I poor (I make $82,000 a year).  I currently have medical insurance through my work and would be able to provide medical insurance for you (if we were married).
        For the past 20 years, I have specialized in computer programming.  Regarding my academic background, I obtained a two year college degree in Computer Programming in 1999.


        I live in a nice neighborhood, located northwest of Memphis, Tennessee in a town called Dyersburg.  My home is conveniently located. I do like to cook.  I prefer to dine out from time to time, but not all the time.  If you were to move to Dyersburg, I would enjoy taking you to my favorite restaurants.
        I am currently buying the home where I now live.  My home is 2,800 square feet in size, with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen.  In brief, my home is not large, but is a very comfortable size for myself and future wife from Perm.
        I purchased a new car this year (2013 Chevrolet Avalanche), which is a joy to drive.  The only thing I do not like about the truck is looking at the empty passenger seat.  Perhaps I will have the pleasure of looking at you in the seat someday.


        I am considered by my friends to be intelligent, possessing a good blend of common sense and logic.  I am basically a nice guy.  I hope you prefer nice and considerate men.  I have always treated women with equality and courtesy.  My goal is to marry a very special woman and build a life together with building blocks of love, friendship, trust, sexuality, devotion and mortar of commitment.
        I have been blessed with the ability "to make my goals happen."  This ability has resulted in many valuable lessons in life, but has not yet brought me the riches I desire.  A typical phrase used in America states, "money can't buy happiness."  During my life, I have come to trust this phrase, and when I do achieve the riches I desire, I want to share them in happiness with my russian wife.


        I enjoy reading personal computer magazines and the daily newspaper.  My nature is visually oriented:  I prefer to watch a movie or attend the theater rather than read a novel.  I am in good physical health.  I also enjoy travel, experiencing different geographies and people.


        I previously stated I would keep this letter brief, so I will stop further discussion about myself.  I hope you can tell through this letter that, I am serious about wanting to establish communication with you.  Should you decide to write, I would appreciate your responses to the following questions:
1. Why do you want to be married and why an American man?
2. What is your past academic and business experience. What are your future career goals?
3. What are your feelings about having children? How would you feel about your family living in a distant country?
4. What are your interests in life? What makes you happy and sad?
5. How would your friends describe you?
6. I continually read how the Russian economy is economically depressed and people can not find enough food or other manufactured products to buy. What is your current living situation like?
7. If it is not too personal, I would like to know your measurements (weight, height, chest, waist, hips).
8. Please include your phone number and your address in Cyrillic. I already have your address in English, but I would like to address future letters in Cyrillic to help ensure their delivery.


        I have frequently admired your picture.  I would truly appreciate a personal picture(s) of you I could frame.  Be sure to include in your letter questions you would like me to answer.  If you want to call me, my home phone is in the Perm dating office.  If you are unable to reach me, I have a phone recorder.
 I hope this letter has piqued your interest and curiosity in me.  I am very serious about wanting to marry a Russian woman during 2018.  Even though we are thousands of miles apart, I believe through written communication we can learn enough about the other to decide if we want to meet in person.  
I anxiously await your reply.

Dyersburg, Tennessee  USA

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hello, John!
I'd like to know more about you. what do you do? how do you spend your free time? what are your interests?
I study at the Perm university. in my free time I like to have fun with my friends, go to discos, listen to music, travel, meet interesting people.
later I'll send you some pictures.
hope to hear from you,
Elena from Perm
pretty student Elena from Perm dating agency
Guest Guest 30 July 2018 10:49 Reply
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