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I love to be romantic and to show affection and love to be shown affection. I believe that without love life is meaningless.

for Her

Hello, My name is Robert.
I'm 26 years old. My birthday is September 20, 1992 and I'm a Virgo. To try to explain about myself in a short letter will be hard but I'll try. I'm about as happy, cheerful, adventurous, romantic, and loving as they come. I'm 6'1" tall about 170 pounds. I have an athletic build. As for sports to keep myself looking at my best I do Martial Arts, and body building. I really enjoy music, movies,dancing, computers and anything that's hi-tech. I like astronomy, arts, history, and learning about different cultures. But what I enjoy the most is to spend all my free time with that special someone and family. I'm a traditional man and I believe family is the most important thing in life. Friends are important but family comes first everything else is second.
     I work hard to have the nice things in life and I am always pushing forward with new and better goals to live life to its fullest. I love to be romantic and to show affection and love to be shown affection. I believe that without love life is meaningless. I'm very generous and always try my best to help people in need. I love children very much and believe that a child needs two parents that love them to succeed  properly in life. I grew up without a father so its important to me that the person I find is compatible with me so that our children don't have to go through what I went through. I don't have any objections to meeting someone with a child and hope to be the best father that they could have. I love big families and would like 2 or even 3 children. How many children that I have is not as important as making sure to do whatever it takes to make sure that my family has everything they need, I am partial to having daughters because my family is mostly boys and I would like to break the chain of having boys. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to have boys or that I would love them any less. But that's something to go into later. As for my job I currently drive and travel with Americas top transportation company all across the U.S.
     I enjoy doing this job because I like to travel but will only be doing this while I work on my bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. I will only be doing this for the remainder of this year before giving it up to go into my life long profession in computers. I will then move into a high paying career as I continue to work on getting two other degrees in the same field. If you and I are the perfect match and you would love to travel for a few months and see all of America before settling down I'ld love to take you. If not then that's perfectly fine too, eventually you will get to see all of it someday. But that's also something I will get into later. Hopefully that gives you enough for the moment about me.
    As for that special lady, I'm looking for someone from Pskov, who is very caring, loving, honest, and faithful. Someone who really looks out for me and my well being instead of just themselves. Someone who can love, and care for me as much as I do for them. A women who is not afraid of showing affection. Someone that believes as I do, that family comes first, Who wants more than anything to raise a good strong family. Someone that is not afraid to show her emotions and that can take charge in the home and make sure that her children are well cared for. That enjoys being romantic and intimate and that is strong enough to stick to her morals and ethics and that wont be tempted by the way women in America live their lives. Someone that I can respect and respects me.
    A woman that is feminine and takes good care of themselves and takes the extra time each day to look good for herself and for me, and that likes to be sexy. Someone who likes to have things but that doesn't get too materialistic. I would like to meet someone that wants to be a house wife and doesn't believe that a career is more important than her family. And most importantly someone who takes what I want about life seriously and that tries their hardest to make our relationship work instead of giving up if things get rough. Someone who understands that being in a serious relationship isn't a game, that it takes hard work, that wont kick me to the side every time something else that looks better comes along. I am a very strong person but when it comes to a relationship I can be hurt easy. My love for you is not to be taken lightly. I will make sure to do the best I can to make sure your happy and have everything you need and want. So please if your not really serious about wanting a family, then your not for me. But if your serious and really want to be happy with one person and only one person please write to me I'm waiting for your reply. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope that I might be the one your looking for. I can send pictures of anything you would like to see and hope to have a video of myself done soon.

With love, Thank you and take care.

P.S. Now I send you photos from the streets of my city:
photos from the streets of my cityphotos from the streets of my city
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Hello, Robert!
Thank you for your letter & photos.
i ma 19y.o. and i am a 2 year student of the Pskov business university, i am going to be a manager.
i like listening to music, swimming, reading novels, seeing museums and exhibitions, watching movies and dancing.
i hope to meet a good man to create a family with, who will understand me, love and respect.
tell more about your life.
Waiting for your letter,
Olga from Pskov
single Girl Olga from Pskov matchmaking agency
Guest Guest 30 July 2018 12:37 Reply
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