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I hope as a manager of a dating office you can surely help me to find a goodlooking and faithfull lifepartner.

for Her

Dear dating manager,
I know yr e-mail adress and name by the 'Nikolaev marriage agency' organization and I write to you as you are  the manager of  the best dating office of Nikolaev. Since yesterday I startet my membership as a platina user.
So, my name is Yvan and I am living in Belgium alongside the North-sea in an old recontructed farmhouse. I am almost 38 years old, 1m85 tall and my weight is 82 Kg. I am in a very good health and I take care of myself.
I like to do sports: every morning when I am at home I do some fitness and at least 3 Km jogging. Two times a week I am goiing to the squash-court etc..
I have two beautiful dogs and I respect and love nature very much.
                                                                                                                                                                               Professionaly I work in my own company that I started in 1996, dealing with transports, forwarding and costumsclearance.
Since that time I have international subsidaries in Marocco, Malta, Poland, Turkey, Spain and Portugal.
So you can immagine that I am busy every day and that I have to travel a lot to visit all my agencies.
So my dear Helen I hope as a manager of a dating office you can surely help me to find a goodlooking and faithfull lifepartner.
You will ask me ' why Nikolaev girl ' ????
Well, I have a driver who was born in Nikolaev and after his mariage in Nikolaev he came as a tourist to Belgium and he stayed here, and now I gave him work as a truck-driver.
And what is amazing by this people, the caracter of that man and his wife is fantastic, a very quiet man and woman with a strong personality. After talking and talking I learned that all people in Nikolaev are so nice and quiet and loves to have a cozy home.
That is the reason that I decided not to take a begium lady or a lady from another area but someone of Nikolaev.
But also the lady told me that the youth is already changing in the bad way .......is that true ??????
Anyway I already saw some ladies on yr internet-side who are my favourites, they are beginning the twenty but if they have the
intention to start a cozy family without complexes I would be very interested in one of them.
If you suggest me other ones pls send me a picture by e-mail.
I intent to come so Nikolaev to meet my favourit in the second part of july or the first part of august.
One of my favourit countries is France where a have a summer house to spent times to times some time. ( see picture )
You can see me once more playing in my swimmingpool in my rare freetime.
So  my dear Helen I hope thats enough to introduce me by my favourite and I hope to read you very soon with a positve reaction.
ps: I am only looking for a serious relationship otherwhile it makes no sense to start .
with my very best regards
MY   FAVOURITE  / Julia F. B.

My summer house in France
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Hello, Yvan !
Thank you for your  letter .
i'd like to tell you about myself more.  You see it's very difficult to describe myself to a man i have never met. But i try to do my best.
i enjoy doing different things that satisfy fulfillment in life. i love going put or relaxing at home - to watch TV, read an interesting book, play chess or listening to nice music, it depends on my mood.  i also like nature, i live in the south of Ukraine(Nikolaev) where the climate is great all year round. It permits to spend as much time as possible outdoors.  In addition i enjoy hiking, running, camping, boating, walking. i am very inquisitive, i like to learn new  things and cultures and visit historical places, museums, ruins ancient palaces etc. Certainly, it's much fun traveling with the loving man from Belgium. So i love having a good time, but i am very serious about the important things in life.
What i am looking for in life and what my dream is... to find a friend better than all other friends to share my interests with, an affectionate partner and caring father (probably for children). i'd like my future life time partner to be kind, reliable, faithful, intelligent and unselfish. i'd like to meet someone to take care of and rely on. 
I'd like to know more about you : your life, family, work.
Please ask any questions, I'l asnwer them with pleasure.
 i hope to hear from you soon,
Sincerely, Julia from Nikolaev
bride Julia from Nikolaev matchmaking agency
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