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I'm looking for a keeper, a one man woman to share the rest of my life with.

for Her

You'r a very pretty lady;
  Im, a 48 year old tractor trailer driver, 5ft 8in , 200lbs. I work some long hours, (but, im, home almost every night). Born October 15, 1970 in the State of Vermont, (the youngest of three children).  Grew up on a farm (dairy farm, with grandparents). High school, untill 1988, Masonry work for the next 6  years, then Army 1994, motorcycle accident , 1995 medical discharge from Army. Began  driving truck late 90's till now. Three children all grown and out on their own. Can't have anymore (vesectomy in early 00's). I now live in Morrisville, in the State of Pennsylvania, in a two bedroom house trailer, with my bird (Daisey) a Coc-a-too.. I plan on moving to the State of Maine, (in a country setting, where I own land) in the future.  Maine is in the Northeast part of the USA, Maine has, all four seasons, with a short summer. Going back a little to farm life, I plan on having chickens, pigs and maybee a beef cow, yearly. I like the outdoors and anything to do with the water, fishing, swimming, boating etc., I like auto raceing, playing pool, cards, and quiet nights home with the one I love, watching movies, TV or listening to music, (I love all kinds of music except RAP) I'm a meat and potatoes kind of eater, although pasta & pizza are high on my list. I'm a realist type person, and being a Libra I usualy look at both sides of things. I would rather take three, third class vacations a year, then one first class, vacation. Im not a fancy dresser, but more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. I dont smoke or drink or do drugs. I liked being married and want to be married again. I'm not a rich man, but live a comfortable life (no bills). If any of my plans for the future sound good to you, and you think you would like to be a big part of it, please get back to me soon. Rember "One is the lonliest number". I don't mind questions, infact I enjoy questions, (ask, me anything you want), the answer might not be perfect, but it will be truthful. I'm looking for a keeper, a one man woman to share the rest of my life with. Our future road together, might not always be smooth, but there will be a lot of love, careing and understanding, as there are two sides to everything. Thank you for youe time and I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.

                                Garry Hamm

tractor trailer driver
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Hello, Garry,
thank you very much for your letter.
I am sorry to inform you but I don't have time for correspondence as I am too bust at work that's why I prefer to meet with you in person.
I'll be glad to see you in my town Vinnytsa.
The Vinnytsa dating agency will contact me when you come.
I hope that's Ok for you and you understand me,
all the best,
Lilia from Vinnytsa
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Guest Guest 31 July 2018 18:26 Reply
  hello Garry , my name is Irina!
I was born 10 dec. 1992 in Vinnytsa, I haven't been married and no children.
I work as a shop-assistant.
By my nature I am merry, communicative, kind and caring person.
I am fond of sports, I like reading and traveling. I love children and animals.
I would like to meet a kind, caring, generous man, without bad habits and sense of humor for raising the family.
 Hoep to hear from you soon.
    from Vinnytsa dating web site, Ukraine.
Single woman Single woman 17 September 2018 19:56 Reply
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