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I won't lie, I'm very sexually active, so I believe, that true love, will have passion in not only ones life, but in ones love life as well.

for Her

Hello There,
 My name is Jeremy, and I'm the guy you've been looking for. Yes, I am young, 36 years of age, but I'm good looking, smart, and work hard, and believe highly in family. I want a girl that is hard-working, but has fun doing it too. I like girls who are open-minded, and into many things.

I won't lie, I'm very sexually active, so I believe, that true love, will have passion in not only ones life, but in ones love life as well.

My hobbies are playing golf with my family and friend, I also love working on the computer. I really enjoy outdoors stuff, camping, mountain biking, surfing, and many other things. I love going out and relaxing with some friends and watching movies, watching sports, going to the bar, going to a dance club, whatever, I'm up for it usually.

I work for Dell Computers, and I help people who are having trouble with their computer. I also design webpages.

So, the reason I tell you all this, is because your a very attractive Belorussian woman, and I would love to get to know you, for possible friendship, or Marriage. I won't beat around the bush, I am looking to get married, I'm tired of trying to meet girls at bars, and pathetic places like the such.

Jeremy Brown
Twin Falls, ID 83301  USA

Please contact me immediatly, I would love to talk to you.

I normally don't give out my email, and when I do, it's disquised, not that I'm paranoid, just don't like hackers. So hence the Carre Marie. Give me a call, or email me, or snail mail me, I am anxious to talk to you.

My dreams

«A star nearly faded, streaked across the midnight blue fell to a lonely world and took the shape of a man. It was now earthly in form and with all the same frailties.It now felt the heat, the cold and sadness for it truly was alone. There wereother forms of men and women but they were all caught up in their own space and dreams, with no time for another stranger and his needs. He came across many points of light now faded as himself, and they had become nocturnal, and solitudal in their ways. But this once flicker of life in the cosmos was not about to give up so easily, he was determined to find another ray to share his life, for two beacons together made a stronger, brighter glow. He floundered in almost every attempt, as those he encountered were only there to fake you into a situation, and then steal your energy force and leave you weak and lost from their consistent drain. One day while he was toiling at his labors a bright and shining creature of heavens past came into his view, now though in earthly form still almost with the same radiance. Eyes that would hypnotize you, a smile that could take your breath away-and a style that could stop all conversationin a room. She would flatly deny her beauty, but He was captivated by it. And to top it all off, the heart that beat inside this earthly form, would shame a thousand stars, and had the warmth of the brightest super nova in any galaxy. It was a hard road to travel, getting her to notice a tired, lonely young man that once was a mighty wheel. Months passed on this planet, they seemed liked days and soon the two were joined. In the presence of the almighty giver of life they became as one, there were those with doubts, worries and fears but the pact was made and if any relationship ever makes it I will bet all the super clusters and the moons of Jupiter this one does. So you see just because you see two shooting stars in the sky, does not always mean they are headed for their end,they may show up in another form with combined efforts, and be brighter than they ever were in days gone by.

My intent is to find a Minsk woman that I can share my life with, and give her all my love. I am always trying to perfect myself, but I realized in one fell swoop, that I am not perfect, because I don't have with me, that one true person, who will give me her love, and share this life with me.

I am tired of being alone, and I need a good Byelorussian woman, who will love me, completely, and fill that empty void in my life. Life isn't worth living if you don't have someone wonderful to share it with.»
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hello, Jeremy!
Thank you for your interesting letter.
I'm very sexually active too heart_eyes
I also will try to write about myself. My work takes much time from me, because as I wrote to you I am working as a clerk though I think that with the word woman such notions as family , children, house and love are closely connected.
I live with my parents and I have an elder brother, he is 31 and he lives separately with his family. My parents are elderly people but I feel their support and love till now. I also like to meet with my friends and to go to so me cozy cafe, I like dancing and listen to pop- music(Madonna, Cher, Sting).
Certainly in summer I can find more entertainment's, for example I choose between two seas and I prefer to rest At the Azov sea.
We practically don't have winter, in winter it often rains or rain with snow.
I like cooking, especially some small festive supper for close friends, I like travelling though I don't do it often but I would like, I like to read and in general I like to learn new and I lead the active style of life.
I am waiting for your letter impatiently.
Bye for now.
Lyudmila from Minsk, Byelorussia
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Guest Guest 1 August 2018 15:16 Reply
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