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Bonjour! My name is Louis, I'm from France, and I live in Paris. close to the Opera.

for Her


My name is Louis, I'm from France, and I live in Paris.
close to the Opera.

For this first contact, I would like to say that I like  what you wrote,
in your ad I found some comun intrest that can they be intresting!!

I'm 35y  old, 183 cm, 80kg, green eyes, dark hair, and athletic
and very good looking.

I never being maried, and I have no kids but i'm not boring!! :-))

I'm non smoker, and I have spiritual intrest.

I'm working for my own company in Télécoms.

I would like te meet a Gomel women who knows what she wants! and redy
for a hight level of relationship! and enjoy every minuts of the life!!
( yes it's possible!!)

I'm a very demanding person, but i'm very demanding to myself too! so....

Do you have this potential?

I'm fond of the sea!  and I'm doing a lot of water sports
Like  daving, surfing, sailing, water ski.....
I love the nature in general, and I practice sports every day!

Of course France is also the country, Whare the food and the wines
are amazing, so I'm going very ofen to the restaurants whith friends
I like specialy sea food, and also italian cuisine!
I can be a very good cooker too!!

I like very mutch cinema, and dancing! specialy salsa!!

I'm travling very mutch, and i like to discover other countrys and culture!

I' can tel you mutch more, but if you are intrested to know it please
write me back!!
please tel me more about you, you and you!!! just you!

You can have a goog surprise........

I will send you a picture after your answer.

I hope sincerly to here from you very soon.

Be happy every day! and i hope that you can find what you looking for!!

Paris, France
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Bonjour, Louis!
I was pleased to get your letter and know more about you. I am flattered that you are interested in me.
It's interesting to know your views on life, your interests, dreams and intentions.
As for me I believe that love  comes from soul and that if you are in love, you will share the same soul.
I think that love is the most important thing in life without it it's very hard and lonely. Each person should give love as it brings soul happiness, joy. To accept somebody's love is as important as to give it. I live alone and wait for the day when a nice loving man will be in my life who will respect, understand me.
Love is the most wonderful feeling which both persons should feel, and keep it for many many years of life together.
 I am merry person, I like people to laugh, to be happy. Happiness is to be together, to love and be loved. I am looking for serious long-lasting relations.
I'll be very glad to meet with you in Gomel. I wait for your coming with great impatience. I think we'll have good time.
I'd like to know more about your character, how would you describe it?
what is the most important for you in life?
What does family mean for you?
Hope to hear from you soon,
Julia from Gomel
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Guest Guest 1 August 2018 16:54 Reply
  Hello Louis!
 My name is Nadezhda ( it means hope).
I was born in Kazakhstan on the 11 of November 1995.
I live in Belarus in Gomel since 2005.
I was married, but divorced in 2015, have no children. So  I was busy with my career.
I graduated from the Minsk institute of culture, then worked as a head of a big library in our town.
Not long ago I finished my studies in the Gomel pedagogical institute by speciality psychology.
I go in for sports, try to keep fit, I prefer healthy food and have no bad habits.
My height is 168 cm, my weight 53 kg.
I am Christian. By nature I'm sincere, kind, faithful, reliable.
I am fond of reading, traveling, listening music.
My dream is to meet a sincere, tender, kind man, to raise a family .
Unfortunately I don't know the language (my letters are translated) but I hope this problem can be overcome.
If you are interested please write to me about yourself.
    Nadezhda from Gomel, Belarus
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 14 September 2018 20:52 Reply
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