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I am looking for a friend, partner, lover, and wife.

for Her

I am looking for a friend, partner, lover, and wife. As for me, I have recently ventured into this online world hopeful I can find someone to begin the last marriage of my life. Lofty goals to be sure, but if both people are honest and true to each other I believe it can be achieved. Trust and honesty were lacking in my first wife and I hope to find it in my next and last wife.
Where I live in Sacramento is in the middle of California and has a Mediterranean climate, which means we don't get much rain in the summer and no snow in the winter (a very cold day is 32 degrees Fahrenheit). I would imagine that seems very warm for most of the year since you're accustomed too much colder weather.
As to the type of woman I seek, I believe trust and honesty are two of the most important keys to a successful relationship and marriage. I also would like someone who is giving of herself and isn't afraid to reveal her inner secrets to me. I also want someone I can talk to and share some of my interests as I hope she will share hers with me. I'm also looking for a romantic lady from Volgograd, who is willing to share herself physically, sexual as well as emotionally.
A lady who is not only unafraid to get her hands dirty, but can also dress up for an evening out on the town. I'm also seeking a Russian woman wanting to have her own children with me, as she will also accept my two young sons as her own.
As to our new relationship, I know there are no guarantees, but if two people are honest with each other and trust each other I believe they can succeed. "Meeting" online makes it more difficult because I can't hold and caress your hand as I look into your eyes to see what is inside you. I also can't hold you and smell your scent. Standing face to face would allow for such non-verbal communications. That is why I would like to know everything about you...your likes and dislikes, your family and friends, what makes you laugh and cry.
I'm looking for someone who is honest, humorous, intelligent, attractive, adventuresome, romantic, and comfortable with her sexuality. Someone who would be interested in some of my passions as well willing to share some of their own with me. That person would also be comfortable dressing in an evening gown for a formal night on the town or relax in an old pair of jeans and a tee shirt (a teddy would also be appropriate) in front of the fire.
My work is with a package and information services company that has offices all over the world. I am one of the supervisors responsible for a customer service center that has 350 people, mostly women, answering questions from customers. My area of expertise is government regulations. Not very exciting for most, but the US Government can make things very interesting at times.
I would love to learn more about your work. If our relationship progresses and we bring you here, we will look for work in your field or in something you are interested. There is a very large Russian and Ukrainian community here in Sacramento to make the transition easier for you and I.
As to my hobbies or interests, I enjoy many types of music and am interested in taking dance lessons (swing, salsa, whatever) after the years away from the dance floor. I also read a great deal when I'm not outside landscaping, gardening, running, walking, skating, biking, etc. I also enjoy traveling. Specifically, I have an interest in history, hence the reading, and would love to search archeological sites around the world someday.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank You,

West Sacramento, CA 95691   United States
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Hello, Mike!
thank you very much for your letter.
I'll tell you about myself.
By horoscope I am Taurus. I love life, people, animals, kids. I'd like to meet a reliable, intelligent, responsible man with whom I can share our life.
the main is to be with the right person.
I don't smoke or drink, lead a healthy way of life. I like traveling, learning new culture, traditions. in my free time I like to cook, clan the house.
when is your birthday? 
what do you appreciate in russian women?
ask any questions.
hope to meet you soon,
from Volgograd
single young Natasha from Volgograd matchmaking agency
Guest Guest 5 August 2018 14:31 Reply
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