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I hope to find a beautiful, sexy, eager Russian girl who will give her love and passion to me and to my son, and who is interested to give my son a brother or a sister.

for Her

Dear Beautiful Russian Lady,

Ya govoryoo pa rooskie!  Ni ochen horosho, kaneshnah.

I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia for 1.5 years.  I also travelled to Moscow and to Rostov-on-Don by train.  This was a great experience in my life.  I learned to love Russia, and the Russian people and culture.  In all truth, I often dream of returning to St. Petersburg to live again because I miss that great city so much.

I wanted to always have Russia in my life, so I married a beautiful Russian lady who I met in St. Petersburg!  I brought her to America.  We were married for 4 years, and we have a beautiful young boy named Michael.  He is almost 2 years old.  Unfortunately, our marriage did not work out.  But during this four years of marriage, I did everything for my wife.  She now has a nice car, a good job, her own apartment and I continue to support her and my son.  We are friends, but no longer lovers.  So I am looking deep into Russia again to see if I can find my next wife!

I was born May 9, 1976.  I am 42 years old.  But most people guess I am much younger.  I am very fit and athletic.  I run many miles through the forest a few times each week, lift weights, ride bicycles and do other things to stay fit.

I am a professional computer specialist.  I really enjoy my work, and I am paid not bad for the work I do.

I own a very nice house on a large property surrounded by trees and with a creek running through it.  I live in Portland, Oregon and this city is surrounded by forests, lakes, tall mountains and rivers.  It is really a beautiful place to live.

I hope to find a beautiful, sexy, eager Russian girl who will give her love and passion to me and to my son, and who is interested to give my son a brother or a sister.  I hope to find a girl with a very open attitude about intimate relations, who is not concerned about the difference in age between us, and who truly wants to have a life-long, faithful relationship.

If this is you, please write to me, and send more photos!


Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035 United States
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Hello, Lindon!
thank you very much for your letter, I liked it.
I think it'd be interesting to communicate with you.
I like purposeful people, who achieve something in life. I also want to achieve something that's why I study. now I write a diploma work. then I'll have to study a year more. frankly speaking, the speciality I am studying is not exactly what I wanted. I finished the art school and would like to study design. but this faculty is very expensive. that's why I entered the faculty where I can get grants. after graduating I'll be engineer of electronic equipment.  I understand it's not women's profession but it's interesting for me to study.
In clothes I  prefer sport style.
 I hope that we can become fiends and who knows maybe more ...
I have some questions to you:
do you have brothers or sisters? please tell me about your family.
What do you appreciate in women from Rostov-on-Don?
How do you imagine your future Russian wife?
please ask any questions, I'll be glad to answer them.
Hope to hear from you soon,
from Rostov-on-Don
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Guest Guest 6 August 2018 08:01 Reply
  Hello Lida,
 My name is Charles and I am a contractor for the United States Army in South Korea.  I have been in Korea for three years now. 
Korea is a beautiful country.  My great passion is riding my motorcycle around the Korean countryside with my friends. 
I would enjoy having someone to ride with me on trips. 
A little about my past.  I was born in Hawaii and lived all over the United States.  I was married once but now divorced and have no children. 
I am the oldest of five children, I have three brothers and one sister.  My mother and father live in Hawaii. 
I have an undergraduate degree and working on my Masters degree.
I am very serious about finding my future Russian wife and starting a family. 
I would like to have atleast two children. 
I am looking for lady from Rostov-on-Don who is inclined to the same goals. 
  If you are interested please respond via Rostov-on-Don dating agency.
      Hawaii - South Korea
Seeking a Dating Seeking a Dating 16 September 2018 14:45 Reply
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