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I am an old fashioned romantic, I consider myself to be charming, and courteous. I still believe in treating a lady like a lady.

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How are you doing?  My name is Larry.  I hope that by the time you receive this letter all is going well for you.    First, let me start by saying that you have a very lovely smile.  I came across your ad and was very intrigued.  I believe that I am the person you are looking for. 

As for me I am looking for someone who is serious and is looking forward to someday having a strong and loving family. I like to travel, weekend getaways with the special person in my life.  I love sports, what guy doesn't.  I also love all kinds of music, with the excpetion of RAP.  I like to have fun. I do not have any bad habits, well only one and that would be to have fun and make the person I am with very happy.  I like to try new things, go out to the theatre, to the movies, dancing, go to nice resturants.  I love children, especially my niece who is 2 and my nephew who is 5.  But before anything I just want to tell you that I am very serious in my quest, and intention to find the right person.   I would like for it to happen sometime soon.  I am serious in making my dream come true, and that is to create a strong and a happy family.   I don't think that, that is to much to ask for.   Well, at least I hope not anyway.  I am not into lies or deciepts of any kind.  I feel that without trust, respect and honesty there is nothing.  Do you agree?

I am 39 years old, am 5'10," weigh about 205 lb., and have short black and gray hair.   I have never been married, however came close once though, but that is a story for a different occasion.   I have no children but look forward to having them someday.   My zodiac sign is Gemini.   I am an old fashioned romantic, I consider myself to be charming, and courteous.   I still believe in treating a lady like a lady.   I send flowers for no reason, and leave little notes around the house reminding her that I care and love her.  I guess I get that from my grandparents who will be married 62 years this fall.   I only hope and wish to have a marriage like theirs someday.   One based on mutual respect and understanding, along with TRUST, HONESTY, and COMMITMENT.  I like nature and animals, especially dogs.   I try to love life as best as I can.  But, every once in a while life with throw something at you that you are not prepared for.  I guess you just have to handle it as best you could with strength and determination.

I live in the United States in the state called New Jersey, in the city of Sewell.  It's a very lovely and peaceful place.   All my free time is spent with my niece and nephew, family and close friends.

I enjoy my job, I work in the computer department for a local hospital.  Well I guess that's it for me now.  I don't want to bore you. I hope to hear more from you.  Take care and be well.

Best wishes,

Sewell, NJ 08080 USA

Hello, Larry!
Thank you for your letter.
You know that i am 23 and i live in Novosibirsk. i study at the university, my family and friends live here. i am sociable and like to spend time with my friends. i have a younger brother, we are very close.
i enjoy walking in the parks, forests near the water. i like swimming, reading, listening to music, sometimes i draw. i like flowers and i dream about a lovely house with a little garden where there will be a lot of flowers.
i'd like to meet a man kind, faithful, serious who wants to have a happy family to share my life with. i am sure every man may be happy, we should try to find our happiness.
Hope to hear from you soon, Tell more about your life and yourself. Why are you looking for a woman from Novosibirsk? What woman would you like to have?
    Novosibirsk, Russia
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Hello, Larry!
i was glad to hear from you.
I'd like to tell you some words about myself and my
family :

i have two children a daughter, Anna ( she is 10
years old) , and a son, Slava ( he is seven) .i
love them very much. i try to spend as much time as
i have with my children. this year Slava went to
i work as a physician assistant at a hospital. The
work is near my house an it's very comfortable. i
like my job. My parents and my brother live not far
from my house. My brother has his own family and
lives separately. We often visit each other.
i like order in my house and try to keep it. my
children and i enjoy spending time outdoors.
Tell more about your life and work, your family and
Sincerely, Elena from Novosibirsk
Guest Guest 7 August 2018 16:15 Reply
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