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I would like to meet an attractive, young, nice girl from Chelyabinsk for serious relationship and marriage.

for Her

My name is Fabio, from Milan Italy
I am 37 y.o. 174 cm tall and I have 65 kg. of weight.
I live alone.
I have got blue eyes.
About my job:

I have finished university in economics and I have been
working for 12 years in a very large company (about 44.000 employees in the world) active in information technology field.

I am working in administration department and I like my job because it is
enough different every day and I can do something always different.  
At the moment I am following a project about two small companies of
our group that need to install our software system, That's interesting.
Usually I work 8 hr. a day from Monday to Friday.
In the last month I have been to London and to Rome for work.

About my friends:

I am fond of sport and for example last week-end I have been on the mountains to ski.
I have also another friend close to the beach where I have an apartment and where I often go.
In any case I have not so much time. You must consider that I work hard and I live alone
so I need also to take care of my flat which is quite big.

I meet very often my parents too who aren't not so far from my home.

About Milan:

it's my birthtown and there are two millions of people. It is
the economic capital of Italy.

If you go in the center you can have problem to find food shops, there are
so many banks there...

I love my city, you can find everything.

About my character:

I think to be kind, generous, faithful and honest.

But when it is necessary I am strong.
I would like to meet an attractive, young, nice girl from Chelyabinsk for serious relationship and marriage.

I need to understand everything of you, character, interest, habits. According to me
the most important things for a good relationship are: feeling in character between you and me,to share interests and good sexual relation.

 I speak english and french very well. I know only some words in russian(PRIVET! KAK DELA) heart_eyes

Let meet us in Chelyabinsk very soon.



Milan - Rome, Italy
Fabio from Milan, ItaliaFabio on beach

Hello, Fabio!
Thank you for your letter. I am interested in knowing you better.
Now some words about myself:
I am a first-year student of Chelyabinsk technical university at the faculty of cybernetics.
I live with my parents. In my free time I meet with friends, listen to music, work on computer, go to discos. I am fond of dancing and photography. I like to watch good films.
As to music I like alternative and different new. For example, Moby, the Offspring, Enigma, Madonna, Metallica.
I like animals. I have two cats and a dog. I'd like to have some exotic animal at the house.
My dream is to see the world, to visit different countries.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Chelyabinsk, RUpretty single Julia from Chelyabinsknice blonde Julia from ChelyabinskMy cat "Love"My Doggy
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Hello, Fabio!
Thank you for your letter. You are serious and
purposeful person, i like it.
i am quiet, serious, sociable, easy going. i have a
lot of friends and i enjoy to spend time with them.
i like to have surprises in life.
What do you like and dislike? How do you spend your
spare time? Do you have a lot of friends? What do
you appreciate in people?
Hope to hear from you soon, sincerely,
from Chelyabinsk
Guest Guest 7 August 2018 16:16 Reply
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