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I am looking for a special attractive woman to complete my life and who is interested in having a lasting relationship with the possibility of having children.

for Her

Hello Ufa ladies, heart_eyes
  I am not too sure what to write for a generic email other then I think all of you are very beautiful Russian woman and all have some specical qualities to offer.
I do not currently have any pictures of myself to upload onto the matchmaking website, but I will try to get some of myself soon so that you can see me.
A little information about myself. I am 5' 11" tall and weigh about 220 lbs. I am working on loosing the extra weight. I want to get back down to 185 lbs. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I just turned 32 years old a couple of days ago. I have been in the United States Military for 10 years now. I own my own house in a peaceful part of town. I have alot of differnt interest from listening to music to watching movies and going out to dinner and dancing. Although I am not a very good dancer, I will get out on the dance floor and try.
I am an honest, loyal hard working man that will do anything for the pretty woman in my life. I believe in commitment and having a lasting relationship. I believe in marriage and being together for as long as we can. I have alot of old fashioned qualities that arent practiced by most men anymore.
I am looking for a special attractive woman to complete my life and who is interested in having a lasting relationship with the possibility of having children.
I would like a russian woman who is confident in herself both inside and out. Inner beauty is just as important as outter beauty. It would be a lie to say that looks are not important, because even though people say they arent, they are. But all of you are very beautiful woman. I would like a woman that is active and keeps in shape. She would have to have an interest in a sexual relationship and have a high sex drive.
Hopefully, I will talk to some of you in the coming days.

I am not to sure how this will work so I will play it by ear for now.
Have a great day blush

Rob (Robert)
Crestview, FL 32539   United States

P.S. My House photos:

My House photos: Rob (Robert) Crestview, FL 32539   United States  ​

Hello, Robert!
Thank you for your letter .
I am a student at the Ufa University, I'm too pressed for free time, for I have to combine my studies with my job. I can afford spending just some hours a day with my baby when she is asleep already. But all I do now is for her, I want to be able to take care of my daughter in future, I am eager to give her everything she might ever need. It's rather hard to find a well paid job in Ufa, moreover I have to pay much money for my studies. So, I must follow my intense schedule of life.
In November my exams and credits are over and then I'll have more free time, I'll be able to write to you more often, if you want me to, of course.
So long now!

Write about yourself, about your life, your entertainment and traveling.

    from Ufa
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Hello Robert,
thank you for your message.
I have rather comfortable life in Ufa, Russia, I have my
own apartment,
it's cozy. I live with my cute daughter Stasy there.
I'm divorsed and I work hard to earn money. I work
in the medical
center as a nurse.
There is not much information about you. I didn't
see your photo as well.
Tell me more about yourself, what do you do, where
do you live.
Can you care about woman with the child first time
she will stay in your country?
I should continue my education in America to study
English, to get
profession to work there...it's money. Do you think
it's possible for
you to pay for the college?
I'm serious to find my special man and I haven't the
time to chat in
Internet. I pay money for the correspondence.
Have a nice time,
Kristina Malaeva, R221a, Ufa
Guest Guest 7 August 2018 16:22 Reply
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