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Once i am done with school i want to buy a house and maybe start a family.

for Her

I am not sure what to say, i have never met a glamorous russian girl before. I will tell you a little about me then. My name is thomas and i live in a northern california town called redding. it is a nice place, it is not a very large city but it is very hot in the summer.
I am a college student and i am studing to become a medical x-ray imager. I like school and this next year i am going to study basic russian. I am 25 years old. I currently work in a hospital cleaning rooms and operating rooms. the pay is not too good but they let me go to school. I am a second year student in a four year program. once i am done with school i want to buy a house and maybe start a family. I have two brothers, they are both married and have kids. I live in a small apartment. I was in the american air force as an electrician, for the last three years of my tour i was stationed in germany. I did not get to travel as much as i wanted but i had fun. i like to laugh, laughing is very important to me!
I cannot stay mad or sad very long. i can be shy sometimes. i like to read funny stories and comics. I also like water, i like to swim and boating. I hurt my leg in the military so i can't run well anymore. I like the country, i once lived in Los Angles and it was too big and too many people, especially crazy people. i would like to stay in the countryside. i don't like too much television, i would rather spend my time with someone or reading. I like the theater, i like to go for walks, i like to go for drives in the car to new places. As for ladies i like smart, motivated and passionate. I like to be close to special ladies. I am very affectionate. I would like to meet someone that likes the same things i like. i would like to talk to you and know you better, if you want to know more about me please ask, i like to talk.

I hope to speak and meet with you in Perm soon,

Cottonwood, CA 96022 USA

Hello, Thomas!
 Thank you for our letter.
About myself:
I like reading books, I prefer  detectives. Also I like to listen to  music  especially when people  play piano and saxophone.
 I decide to address this "Perm dating agency"  because in our town I haven't met  educated, clever, kind and responsible  person who I  could be interested in.
 My dreams  are  to find  a job which I would like, to raise the family and  care about the husband and children. In general the house  where there is  everything for  happy life.
What books  and   music do you like?
 Do you plan to come to Perm?
I study  in the Agrarian  university , my future occupation is  the lawyer-accountant.
I like to rest in nature and watch  the stars in the sky.
 Bye  for  now.

   from Perm
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Hello Thomas!
Thank you for your letter.
Your work must be very interesting, I would like to know more about it. I
think we will enjoy the opportunity to talk many things over when you come
to visit Perm. When will you come, by the way?
I should be ready to your arrival.
Best wishes,
from Perm.
Guest Guest 7 August 2018 16:27 Reply
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