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Of course, I am writing, not about sports, but about finding a soulmate just as you are.

for Her


I am writing to you from sunny California where I live in a beautiful complex near San Francisco. This area has many facilities including a swimming pool, jacuzzi and tennis courts. Do you enjoy these sports?

Of course, I am writing, not about sports, but about finding a soulmate just as you are. But it is nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful climate here.

I am a warm, affectionate and romantic person. I like to walk along the bay during the sunset and imagine myself with the woman of my dreams next to me holding hands. if I were an artist, I would paint the scene. Perhaps you have artistic skills.

From my previous marriage, I did not have any children as my ex-wife decided she did not want any. Now I miss having a family very much. That is why I am open to meeting a woman from Pskov with a young child as I feel I would make a good father. To sit around the dinner table and share stories about the day with wife and family would be very rewarding.

If you are interested in writing to me and getting to know me, then please write soon. I would like to know what ideas you have about work and family, about moving to the United States to live, about dealing with learning English, about raising a child.

My work involves finance and global concerns. I was a professor in political science before changing careers to work in finance. Now I am able to have a flexible work schedule as I am a partner and owner of the business.However.I am not rich and do not seek a woman who is very concerned with wealth. I have enough to support a family and travel comfortably and that is enough.

I seek a Pskov woman who shares my values and wants a marriage where we are friends and lovers and partners. Where we can share our feelings openly and not hurt each other.

I realize that I am older than you and need to know if this is a concern as well as any other concerns you may have.

Do you think we might be "soulmates?" Share the same dreams?

I hope to visit your country soon. Please write and let me know if you are interested in getting to know me.

With all the best,


hello, Ron!
 I was pleased to get your letter, your attention is  interesting to me.
I'll try  to tell you more  about  myself. After   finishing school I  entered Pskov polytechnic  college and then I  worked several years in this  structure but at some moment I  understood that it wasn't  mine because I  am  mild, calm and loyal  person, serious  work takes   all thoughts I  myself  like  art, books, sport. I  like active rest, nature, picnics at  any time.
 At present I  don't work I am   continuing  my education. last year I got  diploma of   bachelor  in economy and  at present I  am  writing  diploma of  specialist.
 I would like  to see in you a man who will appreciate  my  views, share  my hobbies and  want  sincere to  give  all his  warmth and  make family  coziness.
 I would like to get to know  you  more.

have a nice day.
from Pskov

charming person Svetlana from Pskovright glorious woman Svetlana from Pskov

Thanks so much for your quick and full reply. I will be sending to dating agency the list
of Pskov ladies I would like to meet. Now let me give  you the criteria that is
important to me and I hope that you can help me narrow down the search.

1) She must be an affectionate person;
2) Not centrally interested in money and materialism;
3) One child is fine if it is under 10 years old, boy preferred.
4) If no child, willing to have one, only one.
5) Of course, willing to live in USA
6) Understand that marriage is a partnership and not dominated by one
7) Stable emotionally
8) Physically and mentally healthy
9) Slim to average but not overweight.
10) Are OK with a 15-20 year age difference.

I know that some of these are subjective but I assume that you have met and
interviewed the ladies and would have some idea. If you can also suggest
other ladies that I did not catch, that would be fine with me as well. I
hope you will play a matchmaker role.

If you can do this soon, then I will start to write to them and see if there
is compatibility and then we can schedule meetings. As I said, I would spend
up to a week in the area if needed. Your translator fee is fine as long as
the person can really capture the tone and meaning of words.

As for transport, how much time do you need to plan this?
How long does the train from Moscow take?

It may turn out that I train anyway if I go to Volgograd from St. Petersburg first.

I will write to them shortly.


California, complex near San Francisco
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Hello, Ron!
Thnk you for your letter. I would like to get married, but I want my marriage to be based upon deep and true feelings.
  what are your free time activities? where do you work?
I live in Pskov, my city is not too large, but it's quite cozy and beautiful.
I haven't got any pets for my flat which is rather small doesn't let me have any. But I love them much. I live with my mother, my younger brother. My parents are divorced. They've been divorced for 10 years already.
When I have some free time, I go to circus, to the cinema, I go in for various sports: volley-ball, basketball, shaping, Latin-American dancing, boat-racing. Generally speaking, I never feel bored and I have always something to make myself busy.
If you feel interested in me, I'll be glad to hear from you soon.
    Pskov, Russia

Guest Guest 12 August 2018 11:10 Reply
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